Heroin Lies

“Heroin Lies” and comment upon how different techniques are used to convey the role, relationship and situation within the piece.

Human context will be the focus of this analysis on Vicky parents, David and Jean. David and Jean are the first characters mentioned in the scene. They have a husband and wife relationship with David having the natural dominant/ husband status.They also appear to be distant from each other, due to their lines not being directed at any one or thing.

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This creates a grave mood between the two characters. The language they use gives the impression that they are in denial about Vicky being in hospital due to drugs. This is used as a sort of “building block” for the scene because it can tell the storyline on its own by the mean that they use indirect language and the pauses during each of their lines/ monologues. This helps give the scene meaning and structure.At one point in the scene David connects the two characters but commenting on Jeans comment “l feel..

…. Guilty” and David then plies to her with ” guilt, don’t talk to me about guilt” and with that the audience then realizes they are Knowledgeable of each other’s presence and are In a way, communicating with one another. The opening of the first scene has the use of symbolism, In the way the heart beat Is a symbol of time ticking past and the anticipation of the out come from the heart breaking situation.This is a demonstration of tension of mystery and used to capture the attention of the audience. The setting that has been chosen by the playwright because it portrays rigorousness and almost hostility, this heightens the tension within the scene and creates and edge to hold the audience’s attention.

In overall it is evident from the first scene that the play will hold flash backs to the past and give extra information about the characters and/or the situation.This is effective in plays because in can build on the tension or mystery. From the language it is evident that Jean plays the role of the guilty mum of a daughter that has ended up In hospital because of drugs. She Is guilty because she feels as if she could have stopped the situation and she sits In the walling room fretting over the results and If black will survive. On the other hand there Is David who Is trying to distract himself by talking about Irrelevant subjects in the attempt to block out the thoughts of Vicki.These characters both have different roles but at the same time Jean wants space and to get away from David, and David want to console with her to for fill his natural husband and wife relationship and wants to comfort her. This helps build the tension of relationship because they are facing a difficult situation and each have their own ways of dealing with it.

This will eventually have an outcome on their relationship and the audience wants to find out what that outcome will be.The first scene of “Heroin Lies” has been broken into three segments each telling a different view of the overall story. This is effective for a few reasons; the story is covered more easily and produces more back ground about the plot this Is used a lot If there Is a lot of events to be covered , It can e used for captivating purposes because It can leave the audience hanging and will then change the view of the story.

This play has been delved Into 3 segments. The first 2 segments are David and Jean talking, in the first they are speaking in individual monologues teen In teen second teen speak In Down monologues Ana to can toner and the 3rd segment is the reporter, reporting on Vicki in hospital for drug use. Wayne Denned has used a number of different tensions to portray his point of view across to the