Hinduism and Ms. Connie Fusion

Google is holding a Job interview for the position of a receptionist. The following scenes take place in the interview room, as well as the waiting room. Five characters are represented; Ms. Connie Fusion (Confucius), Mr..

Buddha or Bud, Mr.. Judaism, and Mrs.

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. Hindu (Hinduism), as well as the Interviewer. Erin: Ms. Connie Fusion? Were ready for you Savannah: Yes, hello! Erin: So I’m Just going to ask you a few questions, let’s get started. Why did you leave your last Job? Savannah:’ loved my Job as a Harvard professor, but I was not honoring my ancestorsI need to have a Job that makes a difference In the world and that respects my father. Erin: How would you describe your work style? Savannah: I am a very hard-worker and I value education greatly. I respect all my leaders and I do what I am told.

Erin: What is your ideal working environment? Savannah: I believe that everyone has a place in society. Society consists of unequal relationships, according to the Confucian religion. I will always have respect for the people above me. I am motivated by my Confucian beliefs. Erin: May I ask what that Is on your hand?Savannah: Oh this? It Is a yell-yang symbol. I keep It to remind me that the relationship between my husband and I Is Interdependent, we cannot exist without each other. Even though the yang was masculine, representing rulers and rationality, and the yin was feminine, representing weakness and darkness.

Where I come from, female inferiority is thought to be permanent and embedded in the workings of the universe. Erin: I see that your religion plays a big part in your life. Confucianism isn’t a religion, it is a lifestyle that teaches you to do the right thing.Erin: A good moral Is an excellent quality we look for in all of our candidates.

Now, one last question, what can you do that other candidates cannot? Savannah: I am the most respectful and obedient candidate. I am also the smartest. My Confucian morals have pushed me to become the best Individual for this position. Thank you for your timely CAM’S Hi it’s nice to meet you, welcome to Google Have a seat.

(They sit) So how would you describe yourself? Well, I believe that Brahmas is the ultimate reality. Everything that we perceive is imply an illusion.Therefore, I have devoted my entire life to trying to give up the quest for pleasure, wealth, power, and social position in order achieve the union of Brahmas. …. Um.

.. Okay so what was your last Job? I’m a servant. I work farming my boss’ fields all day. And you want to go from being a servant to being a secretary for Google? No! Of course not! I’m a Sutra. A secretary is the Job of the Visas. They’re the Aryans.

My ancestors are natives. The caste system is clearly defined. But this Job would be a promotion.You wouldn’t have to be a servant anymore. Don’t you want that? Don’t you get it? I can’t move up the caste system! The only way to raise my social standing is to perform my dharma in this life and be reincarnated in a higher caste.

It’s better for me to be the worst servant than to be the best secretary. ..

. So you don’t want this Job? No. (Erin stands up and Sam follows. They start walking to the door) Then why are you here? My temple is next door, I thought this was..

… (Erin pushes her out the door and cuts her off by saying… ) Have a nice day.