Historical and philosophical foundations

There are many historical and philosophical foundations of the American Government, but only a few really stand out and are talked about a lot today. The dominant philosophy here is natural law, which Is the biggest Issue In the American Government. Natural law has led to the writing of many documents throughout history. Throughout history the Government has taken different Initiatives to better the united States like writing a series of documents that deal with land rights, fairness, and Independence.

In other words these documents were called the Magna Cart, the Bill of Rights, and the declaration of Independence. These documents were ere Important to the united States because they created the foundations of the American government that It Is today. Therefore, natural law has led to a series of documents that were declared, written and signed In order to create a better America, and is one of the few foundations of the American Government, a few being the Magna Cart in 1215, English Bill of Rights in 1689, and the Declaration of Independence in 1776.One of the documents written to better America, and is one of the few foundations of the American Government, was the Magna Cart. The Magna Cart was the barons’ way of stopping King John, or any King for that matter, room “abusing his power with the people of England [who were] suffering” (History Learning Site). King John treated the people and churches poorly unless it would benefit himself, which had them suffering under his leadership.

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For example, King John angered the Roman Catholic Church which as a result the church “banned all church services in England” (history Learning Site).At first King John did not care, but the people and barons did because of religion and the fear of not going to Heaven. When King John learned this he accepted the power of the Catholic Church. King John dad many mistakes, but eventually was willing to discuss matters which gave England the Magna Cart. The Magna Cart was eventually signed on June 15, 1215 listing different rules that would be enforced in England. A few rules stated in the Magna Cart is that if a person wanted to take a problem to court that financial shouldn’t be a problem.Another is that” no one “will be imprisoned or punished without first going through the proper legal system”, but before it said “no one” It said “no freeman “(History Learning Site).

To make sure that these rules were enforced twenty five barons were given the” Job of making sure that these rules were being enforced, and if they weren’t the Magna Cart states “that they could use force If they felt It was necessary” (History Learning Site). Hence, the Magna Cart was written for the fairness of the people of England because of the way the king treated them.The English Bill of Rights Is another historical document that has really shaped the foundations of American Government.

The English Bill of Rights was brought In front of Parliament by a man and woman, William and Mary, in March of 1689 to influence England to become a “joint sovereign” (Princeton). Eventually Parliament finally passed it on December 16, 1689. Not only did it shape their government it influenced the united States Bill of Rights on December 15, 1791, which has shaped our powers of sovereign and rights of parliament”, and incorporates other rights, rules, and limits on the people of England, and Parliament (Princeton).For instance, some of these rights, rules and limits are freedom of speech, regular elections to parliament, and right to petition the monarch without the fright of reckoning. Not only did this bring liberty to England it even damned King James the second of England for swarming innocent subjects for being Protestants even though “papist’s were both armed and employed contrary to law’ (Princeton). Thus, the English Bill of Rights has done a great deal for England by protecting them and giving rights to their nation, and for the United States by inspiring the United States to write a similar document for our people’s rights and freedom.

Colonists came from England to the New World in search of freedom of religion and a better governmental system. In 1620 a ship named the Mayflower traveled to Cape cod, now its Massachusetts, in order to escape he “religious persecution by King James of England” (Boundless). Originally they were heading to Virginia, but it was too stormy for them to proceed that’s when they ended up at Cape Cod. “None had power to command” them, so the other colonists decided to institute a government and set-up “rules and regulations for the sake of survival” (Boundless).By being so far from Britain and finding a new society the colonists “believed that they could govern themselves” (Boundless). The colonists left England in order to escape from the anarchy that was their king, and set up their own system of government which is an oligarchy. An oligarchy is a “small group of people having control of a country’ (Coleman). Colonists used oligarchy in order to assign a governor or leader.

As a result of the colonists leaving England to the New World gave us the foundations of the American Government that we have today.The French and Indian War, otherwise known as the Seven Years War, was a huge part of the foundations of the American Government. The war consisted of “a massive conflict involving Austria, England, France, Great Britain, Prussia, and Sweden”, and the war took place “in Europe, India, and North America” (Statutory). The battle between the English and the French for “colonial domination in North America, the Caribbean, and in India” left England ultimately dominating, but the war was taking a toll on their government because they were in debt (Statutory).They were desperate, so they taxed the colonies to get some money, and recover money spent in India because of the battle by reinstating the success of the East India Company. Eventually the colonies were totally focused on prevailing over the French, who were in North America.

The colonies wanted to defend themselves, so they pleaded to King George the Second for armies and money. The king turned the colonies down because of his suspicions of their intentions.Throughout the colonies, communities questioned the British authorities because they “would demand horses, feed, wagons, and quarters” yet they refuse to give the colonies “the right to fight in defense of the Empire” (Statutory). In the end Britain prevailed over the French, and if it wasn’t for Britain prevailing we would most likely not have the government that we have today. The Declaration of Independence is another very important historical comment that has definitely helped shape the foundations of American Government.Life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness are the few words that are used to describe the rights that people had, and “to secure these rights governments are Declaration (Hole). After over a year of arguing and delaying their case, Thomas Jefferson and the other leaders got a committee together on June 10, 1776.

It finally was apparent “that independence would win a majority in all of the 13 colonies” (Hole). 1,340 words and 24 days later the Declaration of Independence was approved and issued on July 4, 1776.Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and among 54 other delegates signed the Declaration of Independence. Natural rights was very controversial topic back then because “most thought that rights were granted by governments to citizens” when that was not the fact. In the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence it speaks of inalienable rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (Land and Freedom). The first natural right is life which is well Just the right to live.

Liberty is the natural right that Just simply means freedom, which is a privilege of the United States that most countries don’t have.Last, but certainly not least, is the pursuit of happiness which means to live life in the way that makes you happy, and chase your dreams unless it’s illegal. The Declaration of Independence was created “to secure and protect the preexisting rights of individuals”, and to give the people the freedom and rights they deserve (Land and Freedom). As a result, there are many factors to historical and philosophical foundations of the American government. One factor is the series of documents previously stated that were inspired by the many historical events that have happened.Another factor being the colonies that sailed the seas to escape there Kings persecution on their religious beliefs, and the governmental system. The colonies coming here was a blessing for us because they set up an oligarchy system which was Just a spark that helped the design the American government it is today.

Another major factor was the Seven Year War because if Britain didn’t triumph than we would most likely not have the government we have today. Thus, many events happened that have helped shape the American government, but some events were more prosperous to the shaping of it.