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 History Of Christmas DayThe Romans started to celebrate Christmas as a festival in 336 for the very fist time in history, after that the Christmas was a very popular topic among people, as there was uncertainty about the birth day of Jesus Christ. In the mid of 4th century the Western Christian Church announced to celebrate the Christmas day on 25th December according to the Gregorian calender, this date is currently being followed in all over the world by christian community and western countries for the celebration of this festival. Christmas day has been announced a public holiday in many countries, however some non christian countries also celebrate this event as a festival and follow their traditions. Traditions Of Christmas DayThere are various tradition and rituals which are being followed in all over the world to celebrate the Christmas day. The main purpose of these traditions is to make this festival more exciting and joyful among people.

Greeting CardsThe tradition of Christmas Cards was set in 1843 in London. From that time till now the greeting cards became the part of the Christmas traditions, Christmas cards are exchanged between family and friends to convey the sentiments of Christmas day, these cards are sent during the weeks preceding the Christmas.Christmas cards are designed commercially and has became a very profitable business in the modern world, in many western countries people use Christmas commemorating post stamps, business cards, business stamps and stickers on Christmas occasion. The main purpose of these greeting cards is to keep your loving ones close to you and to share the joys of special moments of your life with them.Christmas CarolsThe traditional songs and music related to the Christmas are known as Christmas Carols, the history of these carols is thought to be started in 4th century from Rome. In English language the first carol was appeared in 1426.  These songs kept on changing from time to time.

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Here is a short list of some famous carols from different regions and times.l Jingle Bellsl The Christmas Songl Deck The Hallsl Santa Claus Is Coming To Townl Go Tell It On The Mountainl I Saw Three Ships l White Christmas l The Little Drummer Boyl Up On The House Topl Joy The WorldThere are also many other carols who travel from house to house and got the attention of the people of all ages.Santa ClausThe character of Santa Claus is also known as Santa and Father Christmas also, this legendary character is driven from Saint Nicholas, who was a bishop of Greek in 4th century, he was very famous person among people for his generous act of giving gifts to the poor and needy children.Santa Claus is a white bearded character, wearing red coat and trouser with white collar and cuffs, carrying a big bag full of gifts.

It is said that Santa Claus makes a list of all the children in the world, categorize them according to their behavior either they are good, bad or naughty, and then finally on Christmas eve he brings the gifts of chocolates, candies and toys for well behaved children and coal for the bad & naughty children. Christmas DecorationThe practice of decorating started in 15th century from London, all the houses and churches were decorated with ivy, holm, bays or any other ever green articles, these days Christmas event is decorated with different colorful ornaments, these ornaments are made with white, red, green, blue, silver and golden colors, use of typical images such as baby Jesus, Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Angels, Wreaths, Christmas tree, Bethlehem star and Snowman, is also very common, these images are mostly placed outside of homes, buildings, in streets, roads and Churches.Christmas TreeThrees have a very significant value in many mythologies, traditions and religions, in some religions trees are very sacred and also known as the home of spirits.

Christmas three is the phrase of English language and it has both traditional and religious value in the decoration and celebration of Christmas event, the first Christmas tree was recorded in the year 1835 by Germany, however there is an argument about this tradition some people say that, this ritual was started by Martin Luther in 16th century.Decoration of Christmas tree is very exciting and favorite act for children, they spend lot of money for this purpose and decorate the tree with lights, colorful ornaments, snow effects and baubles, which are made of wood, glass, metal and ceramics.Christmas MealsChristmas dinner is called the traditional meal of Christmas, it can be served anytime from the evening of Christmas eve to the evening of Christmas day, the food served in the meal is not the same in all parts of the world. In United Kingdom the meals consists roasted turkey, chicken, goose or duck as main course, however red current jelly, yorkshire pudding, roasted potatoes are also served with the desserts of plum pudding, mince pie and trifle. Click here to get Free Christmas Cards and Wallpapers.