History Essay

Pain’s argument in favor of independence is that there are no advantages toward being connected with Great Britain. Another argument Paine has is that there are too many injuries and disadvantages that we had with Great Britain. English however found many disadvantages that we would have if we would disconnect with Great Britain. Such as, “Many lives would be lost.

… A Declaration of Independence would Infallibly disunite and divide the colonists…. Blood would be split.

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” In my opinion I think that English was much more persuasive and showed a lot more evidence.Plus Angels really showed what would happen to the colonist’s If they were to attempt to disconnect with Great Britain and It showed more and appealed to our emotions more. Just going into the future a bit more…

He was right In every way; so much blood was shed and so many lives were lost, but Paine was right too because It was so worth It and there were a lot of disadvantages. After all of the evidence that Angels had and how persuasive he was, I would still choose Pain’s side. This Is because I would want to be part of my own country and have freedom.

Plus I knew what Britain has done and they were so horrible. Like taxing us for no reason, giving us no freedom, and having the British guards move in with us! I would pick Pain’s side absolutely, and look where it got us. Warren suggests, “and there are still many among us who revere her name too much to relinquish the rights of a man for the Dignity of Government” I think that he states that liberty is more important than the dignity of government. According to Wilson the Constitution can be changed with two-thirds of the Congress were to vote and Greer on an alteration and amendments.This is what we do to add an amendment or have a national agreement. The difference between Warren’s and Willow’s views on the risks Involved with ratifying the Constitution Is really huge.

Warren’s Is basically complaining about how the government Is delicate and critical and then Willow’s Is saying that there isn’t anything nearer to perfection towards the solution to ratifying the Constitution. I would obviously be Federalist because who would want to be connected with Great Britain because have you seen what they had done?!?They made stupid taxes for no reasons, Glenn us no freedom, being super unreasonable, and moving In with us. I would have been Infuriated! Another reason I would be a Federalist because I believe that we should have a strong central government, but on the other hand I think that the states should have more power In different situations. Such as State Laws but they should have to be authorized by the government and cases I would think that I would be indecisive because it can go either way and I have different arguments on both sides.