History, Final Exam Questions

What was the economy like for Native Americans in various regions before European settlers arrived. It is important to understand that the Native American population grew and dispersed all over the continent prior to European settlers arriving. Therefore each region would have a different economy than the other. However the overall structure to each economy, in each region was similar. The different regions would force the Native Americans to adapt to that specific region and build their economy based on that area of operation. Overall every economy was extremely basic.

The biggest encores that they had were how to produce their goods and how to distribute their goods. The region that a tribe or group lived in would affect their production and distribution. Tribes living in a more woodland area would focus mostly on Agriculture. Others would focus on hunting to provide food, clothes, and shelter. Some tribes that lived on the cost would focus on fishing. All of the tribes would then come together and trade in order to get what they didn’t have. It was a very basic economy structure but also affective for the Native Americans. The main priorities were surviving and providing food, clothes, and shelter. For what reasons did the United States Pursue its removal policy, and how did various tribes react to going to Indian Territory? The Indian Removal act was passed into law by congress. It was basically passed because the white settlers wanted the land of the Indians. It was originally passed under the impression that it was optional, but the tribes were highly encouraged to move. Every tribe in the different regions acted differently but overall the reaction was the same. They were highly upset that they were being forced to move. The Cherokees for example were highly angry about this and decided to turn to the routs to try and stop it.

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