History Promotion of McDonald’s Promotion is one of

History of McDonald’s Corporation McDonald’s corporation was founded on May 15, 1940 in San Bernardino in California. It is one of the largest fast food chain in the world. Richard and Maurice Macdonald who are brothers. They founded the idea of McDonald’s restaurant and Ray Crock was the founder of McDonald’s. The CEO of McDonald’s is Don Thompson and the headquarter of McDonald’s is in Oka Brook in United States. It produces fast food. Moreover, the subsidiary company of McDonald’s is McDonald’s Israel. In 2013, the number of employees in McDonald’s restaurants over the world was 1.8 million employees. McDonald’s corporation is commercial corporation that owned by millions of people who their aim is to make the profits. In 2003, the logo of McDonalds was designed by Heye& Partner GmbH.   History of Burger King’s Corporation Burger King’s corporation which known as BK is one of the biggest international corporations. It is the second largest chain of fast food restaurants in North America after McDonalds’s corporation. The founder of Burger King’s corporation are James Mclamore and David Edgerton, it’s headquarter is in Miami in Florida. It founded on July, 1953. It produces fast food. In 2002, the revenues of Burger King was 11.3 billion dollars. In fact, in 1995, James Mclamore and David Edgerton purchased insta Burger King corporation which the mother corporation ,and they renamed to Burger King .They purchased the mother corporation because it faced several financial issues in 1995. Moreover, the logo of Burger King contains three different colors which are red, yellow and blue,and the result of this combination is an attractive mix.        The Promotion of McDonald’s Promotion is one of the elements of the marketing mix of McDonald’s. McDonald’s uses promotion in order to attract a lot of customers. As a result, it will lead to increase its revenues and profits. It uses several techniques to promote its products which are advertising, sales promotion, public relation and direct selling. The advertisements of McDonald’s are more worthy among its promotions techniques. It uses radio, TV, online media and print media for its advertisements. Moreover, it uses sales promotions in order to draw a large numbers of the customers to its restaurants like, it offers freebies and discount coupons for specific products. McDonald’s uses public relations in order to enhance the business to the target market. There are many examples of McDonald’s public relation activities like, the Ronald McDonald House Charities and McDonald’s Global Best of Green environmental program. It sometime uses direct selling like, local government parties and events and corporate clientele. In sum, the main technique that McDonald’s uses to promote its products is advertisements.   The Promotion of Burger King ?Burger King uses various techniques in order to promote its products. This element of marketing mix uses to attract and communicate with target customers about Burger King’s offers. Burger King uses the following promotion communication techniques arranged based on significance. First, advertising. Burger King depends mainly on advertising to promote its products. It advertises on TV, online and print media. Second, sales promotions .For instance, it provides offers and coupons through Burger King’s mobile app and website. Third, personal sales. The employees of Burger King Restaurant use typically personal selling to encourage their customers to purchase more products from menu like, dessert besides to what they already ordered. The last techniques is public relations. The Burger King Mclamore Foundation gives financial supports for educational programs and gives scholarships.  Therefore, it promotes effectively the strengthening of the Burger King Brand .In sum, Burger King greatly combines these various techniques of promotion in order to address this element of marketing mix.