Hitler Accomplish

An investigation into Social History: How successfully did Hitler accomplish his goals at the 1936 Olympic Games? Planning the investigation: To answer this question, I looked Into two mall topics. I researched what Hitter’s goals actually were, and whether each of these goals had been fulfilled. Also evaluated two resources both created around the year 1936, to determine their relevance to a historian today. After this, I made a final analysis of my evidence.

By Investigating this, I hope to understand how far the reality of the Olympics corresponded with Hitter’s original aims. Summary of Evidence: Hitler essentially had 3 main goals: 1.He wanted to show visitors the ‘new Germany. While there was so much International attention on Germany, he wanted to show how powerful and impressive the Nazi Regime was. 2. He wanted to prove Aryan superiority theories correct. The games would provide an opportunity for Hitter’s Aryan athletes to outshine every other nationality. 3.

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He wanted to show that Germany was not oppressing Jews, and appease the international community. Hitler certainly did show off his new Germany. The International Olympic Committee awarded Germany the Games In 932; two years before Hitler came into power.Originally, he had planned to cancel them. However, Gobbles – the propaganda minister – convinced him that it would be an excellent opportunity to promote the Nazi Regime. L In 1933, Hitler said about them, “If Germany Is to stand house to the entire world, her preparations must be complete and magnificent. “2 He certainly did attempt to ensure this was true. Rather than use the old facilities, he built brand new ones.

The sports complex was 325 acres and the stadium alone could seat 100,000 spectators. The Olympic Walla entailed 150 buildings, which at this stage was the largest ever built.Berlin was completely beautified – all the streets were cleaned and decorated. Also, all of the people were told to be very respectful and friendly towards visitors. By the time that all the preparations were completed, Germany looked impeccable.

The opening ceremonies and the events of the next two weeks were planned to perfection. The tradition of carrying the Olympic torch from Olympia, Greece to the host country was started at these games. When Hitler proclaimed the Games open, it was to the sound f a specially commissioned bell and a flock of pigeons that were released into the air.

Every moment of the ceremonies was Intended to awe and impress. Hitler displayed the power and wealth of Nazi Germany by showing Berlin to be beautiful and welcoming and by ensuring the Games would be the very grandest of their time. Hitler also made attempts to prove his Aryan superiority theories correct.

He banned all non-Aryans from Joining the German team, and the team had the full support of the government. As a result, they were by far the largest team at the games, with a contingent of 406 men and women. However, at the actual games, there were several instances in which these theories were proven to be false.America came to the auxiliaries” as though they were not ever full members.

3 However, during the competitions, they won 13 medals in total, 7 of which were gold. One athlete in particular – Jesse Owens – performed spectacularly. He placed first in all four of his events, flying in the face if Hitter’s logic.

However, despite these victories, the German team were the overall winners, beating America with 89 medals to 564. The Nazis made several attempts to show the international community that they were not leniently anti-Semitic. In 1934, the International Olympics Committee toured German sports facilities.They came away from the tour convinced that the non-Aryan athletes were still well respected even if they were not a part of the team.

5 As a result they allowed the Games to proceed unhindered. To further appease the public, several Jewish athletes were allowed back onto the team. In the months leading up to the Games the Reich Press Chamber censored every aspect of the media, ensuring that all that would be shown would be the positive aspects of life in the Third Reich. All anti-Jewish protests were prohibited, and Deer Stutter (an anti-Semitic newspaper) was removed form shelves.As a result of these efforts, people that were in Germany for the Olympics left believing that it was a lovely place, full of efficient, friendly people. Evaluation of Sources: How useful are the sources to a historian studying the 1936 Olympics? The document Olympia is a very useful tool for a historian studying the 1936 Olympics.

Firstly, it would be helpful in knowing the sequence of events and the memorable moments of the Games. There were clips of the performances of athletes from all over the world included.Secondly, it would also be useful because it enables the viewer to understand the atmosphere during the filming of it. Hearing and seeing what the spectators were actually experiencing allows a historian to understand their mindset and the crowds’ reactions to the events. Thirdly, portions of Olympia are excellent examples of Nazi propaganda.

In the opening sequence there are statues of Greek gods that merge into German athletes. By drawing this parallel, the message is put out that these Aryan men are so extraordinary, they are like gods.