Hobart, inspiring. Mr Price’s YouTube channel has 2.075

  Hobart, J.W (2014).Understanding Generation Y: What You Need To Know About Millenials.www.princetonone.com  Stokes, R.

(2013). eMarketing: The essential guide to marketing in adigital world. 5th Edition. Quirk eMarketing.

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     2.4Examine Edgars customer’s major source of product and service information       According toPinielo it shows that Gaborone have the largest number of telephone users ascompared to other places with a total percentage of 20.4% at Kweneng andKgatleng region. When analysing by education most of the people who haveinternet access are those who completed lower secondary and upper educationwith a percentage of 30.7%and tertiary education constituted of 23%.Fixedwireless and asymmetric digital subscriber line are the most used by householdat 15.6%.When rating internet access with age it shows that most of the usersare between the age of 25-40 years mostly headed by tertiary educationcustomers and employees owning smart phones, laptops and computers.

According toPinielo (2016) Edgars statistics which released a report on April 2016 thatreflects on the level of internet access among customers, it shows that 40.6%of people have access to internet using mobile cell phones, computers andlaptops. Pinielo further explains that most of the device used by people toaccess internet is mobile cell phones that is used to participate in socialnetworking like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter and Instagram.2.3 To determine the level of internet access amongEdgars customers  According to Stokes and Quirk (2014), unliketext and even images, video offers an extremely rich, engaging and stimulatingexperience for viewers. Both brands use the marketing platform to promote theirbrands, but Mr Price does this well.

Mr Price is just not putting up content topromote the brand but content that makes the brand lovers feel like they arepart of the campaigns become their video are inspiring. Mr Price’s YouTubechannel has 2.075 subscribers compared to Edgars with 1.045 subscribers. Thecontent on Mr Price is engaging, has a story line that appeal to their targetand involves both a combination of brand influencers and ordinary people. Theirvideos draw inspiration from fashion street style of ordinary people andstylists, bloggers and models which is fitting of their brand persona. The onlything that is lacking is that their channel is not updated regularly like alltheir social media platforms but that also has to do with their audiences whoare probably not so frequent on YouTube.

2.2.5Video marketing  According to Moses(2015), mobile advertising is usually messages delivered to customers through theuse of devices such as computers, featured phones or tablets. It is in a formof short message services (SMS), multimedia messaging service which is known asMMS. Mobile advertising involves a process whereby the market will have toconsult from the customer about his/her preference whether to send anyinformation about products on promotion or on sale, then the customer will thenprovide contact number. Mobile advertising makes it easy for customers toreceive message about any information and also making it more reliable andeasy.

Bauer, Reichard, Barnesand Neumann (2005), says that with rapid emergence of fast and high speedwireless network technology and also an increase in the market of very smartcell phones it now the interest of advertising/marketing industry to introducemobile advertising because most of the people are always engaged in their cellphones 24 hours. International companies like Nike, BMW and Mc Donald haveadopted a strategy of communicating commercial messages about the product orservices through the use cell phones as it is a highly promising instrumentthat have gained a great importance. This strategy of mobile marketing involvesobtaining permission from the owners of the cell phone for trust and securityissues.Bauer, H.H., Reichardt, T., Barnes, S.

J. andNeumann, M.M., 2005. Driving consumer acceptance of mobile marketing: Atheoretical framework and empirical study. Journal of electronic commerceresearch, 6(3), p.

181.The Mobile Marketing Association(MMA) have defined Mobile marketing as a set of practices that allowsorganisations to put forth communications and engage their intended targetaudience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device ornetwork (Stokes & Quirk, 2014).2.2.4Mobile marketingWeb banners advertising is also a veryimportant tool of advertising because it is easily seen as it pops up every timecustomers open web pages. Web banners are explained as graphical advertisementwhich is mostly placed on the company’s web page. It is a kind of advertisingwhich comes in video, audios and sometimes animations forms and using JAVA orAdobe flash programs.2.

2.3Web banners advertising Jenkins (2008) explain email marketingas a very unique, flexible and personalised communication that involvesreceiving and sending. Email marketing is proven successful worldwide becauseit target particular individuals or customers, it creates loyalty, trust,create awareness and even build customer relationship.

It is less costlybecause the company customise messages to certain individuals using data driventechnology and in that way it saves time for both parties.Jenkins, S., 2008. The truth about emailmarketing. FT Press.Stokes & Quirck (2014) explainsemail marketing as a tool used in the cultivating and maintaining oflong-lasting relationships with potential and existing customers. Emailmarketing is essentially one of the tools used in the broader concept offCustomer Relationship Management (CRM).

This method of engagement, when usedoptimally, has the potential to yield some of the highest Return on Investments(ROI) of any of the digital marketing based tactics. Email marketing is adirect form of marketing that is attractive due to its permission requirement.Consumers opt-in to a messaging list of their preference and will then receiverelevant content sent electronically.

 This allows for a highly targeted mailing list. Outcomes associated withEmail advertising include customer retention as well as value creation for thecustomer. 2.2.2Email marketing Mobile.

Zarrella (2009) explains thatsocial networking is the best most defined in the context of media paradigm nowand previously. Social networking comes in different and many forms but themost important and popular ones are Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp.Whether a business is small, medium or big it should have social networkingaccess to be able to reach their customers, there is no reason for a companynot to have social networks while customers have it does not make sense. Therewill be no reason not to use social networks because it is less costly, easy touse and it has less impact to the business financial. It is very important orany business around to consider the use of social networks because manystatistics shows that a huge number of people worldwide are highly active insocial networks because that way it makes business life more easier for boththe consumers and the marketers.Mr Price as a big stores competingwith Edgars store has a very strong and attractive online presence that is wellenhanced to appeal to its target market and customers. MrPrice store everywhere utilises all its social media tools, and integrates themto engage, interact and communicate with consumers.

For instance, Mr Pricecombined up with fashion bloggers in the Braamfontein area to create anInstagram promotion with a call to action that asked customer everywhere tojoin the campaign or that promotion by tagging themselves to Instagram pageswearing their favourite items that they bought at the store. Every picturesfrom the campaign were shot and edited by a popular photographer and then wereput on the photographer’s  personalInstagram accounts as well as the accounts of those bloggers and  some of the pictures will be tweeted. Consistentand acceptable messages and call to action rang throughout both platforms andthen more customers will be caught and even existing customers will giveresponses. It is this level of engagement and communication integration thatEdgars can take note of. According to Stokes (2013), socialnetworking is a highly recommended marketing tool in a business industrybecause most of the people are highly engaged and very active. The usage of socialnetworking assists businesses in building an online brand existence, raisesawareness, and also permits the consumer to be involved in the brand’s sectionthrough collaboration, communication and sharing.

Theredifferent variety of social networking platforms that Edgars use availablewhich include Facebook, twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp and WeChat. Socialnetworking affords businesses the opportunity to pool customers in theircomfort zone which is online where they participate, relate, socialise andshare ideas and views. Unlike traditional advertising like television, printednewspapers and radio, advertisements on social networks are well customised,modified and highly targeted, thereby getting the attention of interestedpeople online.2.

2.1Social networking (Zarrella, D., 2009. The social media marketingbook.

” O’Reilly Media, Inc.”.Loadsof online advertising tools are available to generate business online and evenpool customers but it does mean a company should use all of them but it canpick the most efficient and effective tool to operate the business . Accordingto Stokes (2013), Edgar’s major forms of online advertising tools is socialnetworking, email marketing,web banners advertising, mobile marketingand video marketing.2.2To identify the major forms of online advertising tools used by Edgars store  The last chapter discussedintroduction and background of the research study, in this current chapter theresearcher will give a broad understanding of literature review, what otherauthors say about online advertising, their views and opinion about onlineadvertising at regional, local or international level in relation to theresearch objectives mentioned. Information will be obtained from differentsources such as journals, books, online blogs and different articles which willaid in developing an understanding research study.2.1Introduction LITERATURE REVIEW CHAPTER2