Holocaust The Holocaust: Germany’s Way of Expressing Hatred From the time period of 1 933 to 1945, races were put through times of despair, torture, and misery. The holocaust was difficult to many, with little survivors and still affects people’s dally lives today. All of the agony was caused because of one man’s belief, that had the ability to Influence an inure country. The holocaust was a genocide that was solely based off of hatred found In Germany. Propaganda played a role in brainwashing citizens of Germany into believing that the acts Hitler and the Nazis were engaging in were acceptable.My great Grandmother was in fact, a German citizen at the time of the holocaust and to this day believes that the Jewish people, homosexuals, and gypsies got everything that they deserved during the holocaust.

Propaganda has my great Grandmother believing that these people are greedy, rude, and overall should be hated by everyone. She was unfortunately a supporter of the holocaust because of her hatred for Jewish people due to the propaganda she saw during this period in time.A man named Joseph Gobbles was in charge of propaganda at the time and helped Hitler rise to the top of Germany and brainwashed the people of Germany Into hating the Jews and supporting the holocaust.

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Hitter’s goal from the very beginning was to defeat the Jewish race and be Germany’s ultimate leader. 1 Gobbles’ ultimate goal was to “Nazi’ Germany and he had a big role in achieving not only his own goal, but Hitter’s as well. He directed multiple campaigns against the Jewish people in Germany.Every book that was published had to be approved by Gobbles before they were seen by anyone and the content included large numbers of Nazi propaganda. School books were also re-written so that it would contain more Nazi content. Newspapers included daily instructions from Gobbles and also included anti-Jewish stories to support anti-Semitism and attacks on the Jewish race.

He also organized rallies that would support the Nazis, allowing the Germans to hail Hitler and the Mans, and continue to persuade them Into having a deep hatred for the Jewish people. Gobbles played a massive role In propaganda play that helped Hitler rise to the top, and persuaded the Germans Into thinking Jews were evil, and that they should be persecuted. Furthermore, Propaganda was used by everyone back then, and people were very gullible.

Propaganda was used in every country and was a way of persuading society into believing that one side was greater than the other. 3 Globally, people had no thought as to what to believe so they just believed every piece of information given to them.This made it easy for Hitler to persuade the public into believing his side, and supporting the holocaust. 4 Propaganda played one of the major roles that convinced people that the holocaust was a positive act, and that the Jewish people should be punished. Subsequently, racism was very common back then and the people of Germany lived In a very racist culture. For instance, In the book The Diary of A Young Girl: Anne Frank she describes the life of a Jew In Germany and how limited their life was back then. He explains that “Our freedom was severely restricted by a series of anta- Jewish decrees: Jews were required to wear a yellow star: Jews were required to turn ride in cars, even their own” “Jews were forbidden to be out on the streets between 8 P. M.

And 6 A. M”5 Anne clearly shows that the Jews were living a brutal lifestyle even before the holocaust. It is evident that society was very prejudiced towards the Jewish people and thus, supported the holocaust. Likewise, the people in society were very closed-minded back then and believed that only one type of human being was socially acceptable and the rest should be excluded.This was very common in Germany against Jews, homosexuals, the mentally disabled etc. They acted as if “those who were considered to be racially inferior-specifically the Jews, but also gypsies and the mentally ill- were forbidden to have any contact with Germans and were gradually but assiduously excluded from every part of society’6 By the Germans shutting everyone who they thought were socially inferior out, they distinctly show acts of racism and how racist their culture was in the sass. Additionally, the holocaust is an act of pure racism.

They felt that the people who were out of the social normal or were not of Aryan race were unacceptable. The people who were not Aryan were sent to concentration camps to work for little pay or were sentenced to death. They were isolated from the rest of Germany and forced into a very rough lifestyle with many limitations, hard hours of labor, and pure torture. Although there are still holocaust survivors today, many people did not make it out alive. Jewish people, homosexuals, gypsies, and the mentally ill were all tortured to death because somehow they were not the “standard human being” to most people.It is unmistakable that this is a clear but drastic act of racism and clearly expresses the racist ways in the sass.

Racism was very evident during this period of time and shows how racism and the hatred for these people motivated the act of the holocaust. Undoubtedly, the Germans used the Jewish people as scapegoats to Justify going against the Treaty of Versailles and unifying Germany’s hatred for the Jews. Doll Hitler spoke about the Jewish people and how they are the one to blame in one of his speeches to Germans. He states “Come and protest against Germany being burdened with the war guilt.Protest against the Peace Treaty of Versailles which has been forced upon us by the sole culprit of the war, the Jewish international stock exchange capitol.

“after the Treaty of Versailles was made, Germany had gone into a great depression and lost everything. By putting the blame on the Jewish, the Germans gathered a deep hatred for them and in the outcome, supported the holocaust cause they thought that the Jews were the ones who put Germany in misery. The Germans also felt that by the Jewish “placing the Treaty of Versailles upon them” that they were plotting to take over Germany.

They thought that the Jewish were halfway there because they owned a lot of businesses and shops in Germany and had a lot of money at the time when the Germans had nothing. They thought that if they did not go against the Treaty of Versailles soon, that they would be in a very vulnerable position for the Jews to attack due to lack of military forces and economic stability. 9 Everyone was convinced that the Jewish people were taking over Germany and this scared them, as a result this fear made the Germans believe that what Hitler was stating was true, and caused more supporters for the holocaust.Hitler thought that the Jewish people were betraying Germany and working with Britain and France Versailles being written. Germany then felt that they should not be punished for what happened, but the Jewish should.

Hence the holocaust occurring. 10 Although the Treaty of Versailles was written by Britain and France, Hitler had all of Germany believing that the Jewish were the true culprits. Although many thought that the holocaust was motivated by fear, it is shown that the holocaust was actually based off of true hate throughout Germany.