Schools Rigorous Schedule

Rigorous schedule requirements more work. -less time of instruction since it is one teaching – give assignment your done -Less interaction with other individuals Life skills, take of a home, requirements More responsibilities to finish her/his school. Takes a lot of sacrifices Pay for curriculum which an become very expensive (dual enrolment) Home schooling only offers single teacher interaction, whereas in the public schooling setting, the student is able to interact with a variety of teachers who enrich the student’s social and communication skills.

If a student is limited in their social interaction, the student could have learning difficulties as an adult and be less capable of working with others who are not similar to themselves due to lack of exposure to varied social experiences and Individuals of varied ethnic backgrounds just like one will likely encounter in real work environments. The Department of Education requires that public school teachers have an advanced degree and provide the best trained educators to support the varied learning styles of students, especially for exceptional students who require specialized Instruction.Some parents and educators do not hold an advanced degree. The number one qualifier to home schooling is to provide one-on-one attention to your child, spend quality time with them, explore the world with them, and enable students to see and learn new things. If you meet these criteria, then you can become a home educator.

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The home educator’s educational and economic backgrounds could vary and could hold a very narrow opinion on political and religious beliefs. This could lead to parents who are most likely to home school that have narrow views about the subjects that they are teaching their kids.