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HOMEOUR COMMITMENTTECHNOLOGYABOUT USLoginSignupPRO FeaturesPricingPrivacy PolicyTerms Of ServiceContactHELPSearch AgainConcerning the topic GAMING, what is it really? Gaming is defined as running an application that is specialized based on electronic games or video games consoles. Based on an article in THE GUARDIAN “can video games be a force for good? (Helmore, 2014) Taking back to 90’s video games did not become an entertainment industry rather children used to play them as a hobby but in the today’s world, video games have transformed into the entertainment industry and also a way of earning money easily. Gaming has drastically affected both the user and creator. Issues in gaming what are they really?
Talking about Ethical Issues in Gaming violence is a vital crucial issue to be taken seriously. As you can observe the today’s world young teenagers tend to give more interest and effort in gaming but not in other things like interacting with other people even playing outside. This has likely caused a young teenager to use offensive languages, hate women, become racist and also getting into the habit of drinking and smoking. These issues were uprising due to a game that was released in the recent years that is Grand Theft Auto (GTA). This particular game was also banned in certain countries due to the harsh and violent activities in the games. When taking the side creator who develops and produce the game he proves himself by following ethical theories to complete the game successfully.
Addiction another crucial issues that physically and mentally affect the person leading very bad activities such as talking bad languages drinking smoking sexual abuse. The reason to this is producers satisfy the needs of the consumer offering a game that takes him to the virtual world to do what he wants this may be business trick to pursue the customer to purchase the product from the producer’s point of view. In the recent years produces created the mode called the multiplayer mode that gives the freedom for both teenagers and adults to interact with their friends and play the game. Due to increase in spending to this money and precious time is wasted and producer is able to achieve his or profit annually.
Education is another issue that tells how Teenagers fall into addiction and become violent which tends to decrease interest towards education. A person who plays games for more than 2 hours is less likely to be addicted and one who plays harsh and violent games like GTA, CALL OF DUTY tend to decrease is depressed and loves to be alone This proves that he does is wrong education is something to learn new things and to live a proper life.

Young teenagers are given a chance at life Work hard or play games students who attend colleagues most likely choose to play games which wastes money and time. From the producer’s side this is bit different they created a website called TWITCH which helps customer to play online and earn money but the bitter fact is that everyone doesn’t earn enough to even pay his college bill and this Website also has ruined many kids life’s to earn money but not to learn to live proper life.
Privacy is a vital issue, Are students trying to secure their account and personal details? Teenagers are addicted to games this leads to risk their personal details to the producer who proves himself to be honest but who knows if he is a hacker or not. This leads to blackmail and theft which is the mistake made by the teenagers himself. For example BLUEWHALE a game which ruined teenager’s life’s by simply asking their Facebook account to hack into the user’s personal details and torture until the teenager’s suicide himself. From the producer point of view, he proves that he is able to secure all transactions without the interference of hackers. Two of the Ethical principles are violated here that is Justice (Being just) and fidelity (Being faithful) (School of Education Syracuse University, 2018). Lacking in securing the privacy and use of illegal ways to gain money are the cause.
Religion is also the problem that is uprising these days children and also adults tend to play a lot of games. Quite numbers are connected to religion based on how a nation, village, and clan must or forced to live for example Muslim countries highlighted as terrorist showing a clear picture of how these people may be in the real life. The Ethical principle that is violated is Nonmaleficence (Doing no harm) (School of Education Syracuse University, 2018) One cannot harm another other criticizing who, what he is and where he comes from.
Talking about the Ethical Principles and the Theories Students are the Customers who purchase the game or not. Certain goals and decision decide how games can be successful or not. There are four goals that include respect for autonomy, beneficence, least harm, and justice. Many developers and artist have the freedom to create what they want and this only indicates them satisfy the permanent clients this indicates to the theories of Respect for Autonomy which means having the freedom to do what he wants or what he dislikes. But from the buyer’s side, the young teenagers tend to do get addicted become violent towards women. Producers also must consider the importance of their client so they must follow justice to provide a game that would not affect anyone one both physically and mentally.
Talking about Beneficence Teenagers must consider what is right or wrong and Producers should think if they should sell it or not. Young teenagers tend to purchase games that have a proper story and also if they are arcade mode which means fighting or kill scenes. Least harm that is today games are banned and restricted to young kids due to the high rate of harm scenes in the games. Producers must consider the alternatives should they create such games or not.
Taking to ethical theories Rights and Virtues, based on the rights are they being obeyed are children considering to do the right thing and are parents helping and guiding their children to live a proper life these are being denied as teenagers of the today’s world who are not obedient or faithful with their parents. Talking about Virtues that is to consider what other people would think about the person who plays it. For example, Teenagers tends to play with their younger one this likely increases addiction among the brothers itself to find and play games these games.
Taking to Social Issues in gaming violence is a crucial and important issue to be taken seriously. Young kids and teenagers who are below 19 years tend to increase in violent activities due to upcoming games that are too violent and dangerous to be played for example a student kills a man in a game and he wakes up, again and again, this effects the kid physically and mentally where the kid thinks that killing a real person would do the same. Various other violent activities have also occurred such as extreme torture, mutilation, cannibalism and sexual violence activities.
Another issue related to violence that is human discrimination this has randomly increased in both pc and mobile games, developers have added women who look attractive and men highlighted as bad guys for example games like CALL OF DUTY, SNIPER ELITE V4, and OVERWATCH AND GRAND THEFT AUTO. These games contain violent and attractive activities then tend to increase addiction and harm another innocent person’s life.
Another issue that is an addiction which is crucial that affects many other issues in social issues. The increase in graphical and advancements in technologies has led young teenagers to clog them in one place playing the game and not letting them to interact with others.
According to Article 1 “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”
According to Article 2 “Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, color, sex, language, religion, political or another opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or another status. Furthermore, no distinction shall be made on the basis of the political, jurisdictional or international status of the country or territory to which a person belongs, whether it be independent, trust, non-self-governing or under any other limitation of sovereignty”
According to Article 3 “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person.”
As mentioned above Violence and Human discrimination have violated the above articles young teenagers learn faster so as they play violent games and sexual activity games as they break these human rights this explain how young teenagers tend to be affected mentally and physically by violence and also become more aggressive in violence activities, for example, can be said as kids who widely play these games are hard-core gamers who become aggressive and later become less interactive with the outside people.
As Article 1 tells us about human rights how one should act towards another but as violence is impacting young teenagers they become less socialized with other people. As Article 2 states how freedom and rights must be shared among others but video games have made it even more addictive and discriminating both women and countries related to these games these leads addictive and aggressive violence. As article 3 states about a security of person, these have been violated during the past years ruing lives and people’s liberty such as online games like BlueWhale, Grand Theft Auto, Sleeping Dogs. As, a result, the games have increased violence, physical and mental effect.
As explained above in the social and ethical issues violence, education, addiction, privacy, religion has caused enough damage to the community and also the professional world. Talking about legal issues what are the legal issues relating to Gaming. According to Copyright 1968 Today as you can see game companies use particular copyrights, acts to protect themselves and also the customers who purchase and play these games.
According to copyrights game developers try copy an idea of another to make his production even more successful for example an incident to place in 1972 where Game Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell copied a version of Magnavox relating ping pong game when the demo of the same game was released a few months back this proves that legal issues are been applied according to the law.
Are the community been affected by these laws? Computer misuse act 1990 how is this affecting the community? As you can see young teenagers get addicted to games and today games are quite expensive a parent is also careful not allowing kids to play violent games that increase aggression. Teenagers use illegal ways to play games when they not able to purchase the product such as using torrents to download the game and use crack folder to play the game. This allows teenagers to play the game without any problem. This is illegal as the user over rights the copyrights and can be caught or sued by the company itself.
In fact, this could likely lead to hackers hacking your computers to access personal data this is also illegal but the company will not take responsibility for such incidents. Data Protection Act 1998 this act was initialized to protect Theft and personal data getting into the hands of hackers. Today young teenagers tend to play online multiplayer mode mostly which cost money and time.As money is been transferred wirelessly through the internet it is likely to be hacked and personal data were stolen so these protections are applied yet teenager must consider to pass critical and personal information around the internet and consider its safety.
Talking about professional issues that effect in video games according to the code of conduct 1.Public Interest section a. have due regard for public health, privacy, security and wellbeing of others and the environment. This highlights a questions are developers creating video games that are not suitable for young teenagers. According to the incident that took place a game called BlueWhale which violated many kinds of laws and broke the hearts of many parents who lost their children. This game had violated many kinds of laws basically the above statement tells how a company will secure us from physical and cybercrime activities but they simply did not.
Another issue can also be told about according to the code of conduct 1.Public Interest section c conduct your professional activities without discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, marital status, nationality, colour, race, ethnic origin, religion, age or disability, or of any other condition or requirement. This is vital and crucial issue that has been violated ever since violent games were invented, game producer and developers aim to increase sales by violating the above mentioned issue. They do not care who they hurt or whose race or religion they highlight the only fear is bankruptcy when the game fails.
Under 2. Professional Competence and Integrity e. respect and value alternative viewpoints and, seek, accept and offer honest criticisms of work. The above statement explains us about how to help each other at work but these never work at certain companies as you can see game developers are treated like trash used and given deadline to finish work on time. This causes workers to fall into stress causing diseases, back pains, heart attacks.
Under 2. Professional Competence and Integrity f. avoid injuring others, their property, reputation, or employment by false or malicious or negligent action or inaction. As you can companies and companies battles

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Watching simulated violence in video games has increased addiction towards playing games and effects them physically and mentally in acting themselves towards violence. This was stated by Dmitri A. Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute. An example would prove it during the 1997, a 13-year old kid named Noah Wilson was killed by his best friend who stabbed him to death using a kitchen knife this tells us that this kid was addicted to the fighting scenes in a game called Mortal Combat. (OBIAS, 2014) According to this article this clearly explains young teenagers are not able to understand the real life and virtual reality life.
According to comment given by the psychologist C. Shawn Green of University of psychologist “Video games change your brain,” (34-the-good-and-bad-effects-of-video-games, 2017) This refers us that more violence causes rapid mental and physical changes to young teenagers getting violent this can be proved by “This is a context-finding study rather than a causal study, so we’re not saying ‘you play violent videogames, you get more aggressive,'” says Etchells. “With that, what our main finding shows is that if you take these different games people have played when they’re eight- or nine-years-old, and try and account for as many potential confounding variables as possible that might have an effect on aggression, socioeconomic status and stuff like that, at age 15 there is a 19% higher chance of being in one of those higher conduct disorder bands, as you go from not playing games to playing puzzle games to playing shooting games.” (Stanton, 2016) As Etchells says above playing shooting games are mostly played by young kids who under 10 years old so as children grow up they choose games with violence but not games that improve the capability of a person’s mind.
According to Catherine Steiner-Adair, a Harvard-affiliated psychologist and author of the best-selling book “The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationship in the Digital Age”, if kids are allowed to play “Candy Crush” on the way to school, the trip will be quiet, but it’s not what kids need. “They need time to daydream, deal with anxieties, process their thoughts and share them with parents, who can provide reassurance.” (34-the-good-and-bad-effects-of-video-games, 2017) The above comment given indicates children react today than the times during our parent’s times. Children requires a mobile at school these days or they wish not going to school and also are less likely to interact with people such laughing with friends, talking with new class mates.
Talking about privacy from the reader background, a game called Minecraft 2009 video game named by a Swedish company which gained fame that in 2014.Reports had gone out on 2015 January informing the community saying that a plain text of 1800 Minecraft usernames and passwords contents were leaked out in the internet. This led to anyone to access and download the full game. Later on the company issued a statement saying that it could have been done through phishing, some kind of malware and blamed the fault on the customer who already bought the game. (data-privacy-and-online-gaming-why-gamers-make-for-ideal-targets, 2015) According to another game called the BlueWhale which introduced itself in 2016, this game simply popped up in Facebook asking only to log in and start playing the challenges. This game simply caused problems based on an article “The real danger behind the game is that it is a mind-programming game, working over 50 assignments to get teenagers through food and sleep deprivation and messaging in horror movies, to submit because by then they do not have the ability any more to think clearly, “said by Joyce Jacobs. (Petegem, 2017) As you can see young teenager are simply been targeted for their carelessness in securing their privacy from hacker who try to black mail leading them to death in the end.
Talking about the legal problems taking place on a writers comments “We have no business passing judgment on the view of the California Legislature that violent video games (or, for that matter, any other forms of speech) corrupt the young or harm their moral development,” Justice Antonin Scalia said for the Court. However, “even where the protection of children is the object, the constitutional limits on governmental action apply,” Scalia cautioned (Green, 2011).

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