Homeschooling and Public School

Therefore, doing the exact opposite of what the public school system was designed to do, to invoke learning in child and allow growth in knowledge. There are many examples of children being held back by teachers because they did not fit the usual “mold” of a typical student and would mistakenly be thought of as having a disability, when in fact It was actually some social Ineptness due to having genius qualities and a high IQ. This lack of knowledge of options available to parents to home school their children allow for placement In public school that may not address deeds of particular student.The public school system Is run as a one size fits all approach. There are many practical implications to everyone involved when homecomings a child who is taken out of the public school system. Some of these implications fall on the state, such as funds normally utilized for children in the public system will now programming for public school kids that they might not otherwise have.

Parents also have likely implications from homecomings their child, including lack of support from the state, although there is the added responsibility of reporting test scores to he state.There may also be backlash from a community and family and friends that may not be in full support of homecomings. The child will also have some level of implication regarding social issues and accountability to make sure they are up to par in learning what their state-funded peers are learning, as well as having the much-needed social connections that those in public school are able to enjoy daily. In spite of these things, homesteaded children are much more advanced in social growth and responsibility than their public school peers since they are not bordered y age restraints much like their public school counterparts.There is a also huge divide between the Church and State when the Public School system is involved. There is absolutely no room for anything remotely associated with religion in daily activity.

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From the books students are allowed to read, to whom we pledge our allegiance to, as well as what material the sciences are allowed to teach, it is apparent that there is purposeful elimination of God and Church. This has great implications for the Church because children are turning away from it and without the youth of today, there will be no Church for tomorrow. According to Brian D.Ray (2013) He concludes that the real reason various academics and educators are critical of homecomings is that it is doing a good Job of keeping Christian children free from the attempts of such people to impose their secularist ideologies on everyone through state-controlled education. Evidence in test scores have shown homelessness demonstrate well above average scores in testing. According to the Legal Defense for Home Schooled, those who are homesteaded scored around the 85th-95th percentile on all batteries of testing across the board than their public school counterparts.Smith, 2014) Also, there is a movement happening with a steady increase in homesteaded children.

There are now over 2 million home schooled children across the U. S. With a steady increase of 7% per year since 1999. (Wacko, 2012) There is not much funding given to the homecomings environment and tax dollars are not used to support any kind of materials for people in homecomings. There are many roadblocks in many states that stand in to block people from homecomings your children.

A possible bias is that there could be other factors that contribute to a parent not being able to home school their child.An alternative explanation of these statistics is that the amount of homelessness in any given area or lack thereof, is due to the laws in the state that govern whether or not it is a requirement to send your child to public school. There is evidence that shows a steady trend towards the homecomings attitude and dissatisfaction with current public schools.

An alternative explanation of these statistics is that some individuals are more likely to home school their children if they have the financial means to do so and the educational know-how.However, it is hon. that there is no difference between test scores of children whose parents do or do not possess a teaching credential. (Smith, 2014) Homelessness continually perform above and beyond state standards and imposed accreditation stipulations, it is only a matter of time before every State will States have even gone as far as offering tax credits to homelessness at one time and at the moment giving some school funds to homelessness for extra-curricular activity, for exchange of monitoring of what the student is learning.

This completely defeats the purpose of homecomings.