Homecomings In order for a child to develop into a successful adult he or she needs the proper experiences that forms a proper development. The mall part of a child’s development Is education. There are parents In the world that like to keep their child from going to a public school In order for them to teach them. Homecomings Is teaching school subjects to one’s children at home (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).

However homecomings education may not be the most effective way for a child to develop because it prohibits the child to socialize, learn by experience, and it depends too much on the parents.Children need peer contact in order to learn how to socialize with other people. If a child learns early how to communicate with other individuals it will help the child later in life when he or she wants a career outside of a family. It is not healthy for a child to spend all day everyday isolated with his or her parents. One needs to be with his or her own age and learn what their age group acts Like and experiences what their age group Is doing. Imagine being with ones parents all day, would you not get so annoyed and feel controlled all the time?When being homesteaded a child might eave brothers and sisters also being schooled, but what a child really needs Is to learn how socialize with the opposite sex outside of his or her family; preparing for later in life when he or she wants to go on a date so one can eventually get married and have a family.

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A child not only needs a textbook education, but also needs to learn from experiences and actions one takes during his or her lifetime. The most learning from experiences are done during adolescence.Homecomings prevents an adolescent child from experiencing this, which can later cause problems in one’s life with other people, college and trying to get a career.

Public schooling gives one emotional stress in many ways that Is good for the child. Homecomings takes away decisions a child can make without their parents. Children need to learn how to independent decision makers to be able to do what he or she wants to do. Homecomings puts a large amount of stress on a child’s parents.When a parent decides that homecomings is what they want to do with their child’s education, they have to give up having a job in order to spend their whole day with their child. In doing this not only does one’s child not have a social life, but neither does the parent. When a child’s parent becomes his or her teacher the child has a confusing time determining the role of their parents. The child wonders when they should treat his or her parent as an authoritative teacher or an authoritative mom or dad.

The biggest question the child or people questioning homecomings is if the parent is qualified enough for the Job. Teacher went to school to be qualified to be able to teacher a classroom of children, but the parent might not have. The parent spends his or her time trying to make sure they are understanding what they are teaching their own child and hoping he or she Is preparing one’s child enough. It will also cause a strain In the relationship of a child and his or her parent when the child ends up blaming the parent for his or her lack of development. Room situations they cannot control and education they can control. These thoughts of a parent simply cause more disadvantages than advantages. Public schooling gives a child the right form of development so they can become the best person they can be.

Homecomings is not the best choice to give a child because the lack of solicitation with others, not being able to learn from experiences, and in all it gives a parent a major role to fill.