An Indian Taco

To persuade my audience that Indian tacos are super delicious.Specific Purpose: To persuade and motivate my audience to try eating an Indian taco one day. Central Idea: I’m going to show my audience the ingredients to Indian tacos and explain why I chose it to be part of my cultural artifact speech.Introduction: Attention step: Why Indian tacos are so delicious. Instead of the tortilla it’s fry bread. It has the same similarities as a taco but than It has different Ingredients. Show the Ingredients to audience.

Body: Next Step:Explain where Indian tacos are originated. Indian tacos aka Navajo tacos are Just Like tacos but with fry bread. The Navajo Indians invented them in the sass’s after their “relocation” by the US government. They were forced at gunpoint to walk 450 miles to an overcrowded interment camp, and after a few years, this particular camp was abandoned and so the Navajo Indians were allowed to walk back to their traditional territory and they were granted 3. 5 million acres to resettle. Now Indian tacos are not only in home kitchens, but also at state fairs, and powwows.Explain to my audience why Indian tacos are so important to me.

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It’s a tradition for my family and I to eat Indian tacos together at parties we have. After we’re done eating we all bond together. Than my great grandmother Burroughs would tell us a story or two. (Talk about the wampum cat story) Conclusion: Where Indian tacos were originated. Why Indian tacos are so important to me. Convince your audience to try an Indian taco.

My opinion, they are better than Mexican tacos because the fry bread adds flavor and It’s great to top it off with some guacamole.