Homo Religiosus by Karen Armstrong

Belief systems or religions are strong forces in any community. Humans always need to find answers to questions like, “how are we born?” and “what will happen when we die?” Therefore, the need to satisfy these questions resulted in the formation of various religions and beliefs. Today, in the modern world we have more than five major religious beliefs, with each having millions of followers that practice in their own way.

However, it does not matter how different they approach, they all pray and worship the transcendent. In addition, the important truth is that, while there are various different religions, the aim of all is the same: to connect with the almighty and earn his favor. The world’s two largest religions are Islam and Christianity and both of them are founded more than a thousand years ago and have more than a billion followers worldwide. Despite their differences, Islam and Christianity are similar in that both believe in monotheism, both share the Old Testament, both believe in Jesus Christ and his return. The most important belief about Allah (God) in Islam is the concept of ‘Oneness’ or monotheism, which means God does not have a partner.

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Even more, the meaning of the word Islam is to surrender and submission to the well of God, and the followers are known as Muslims “The one who surrenders to the will of God.” The Islam started from the year 610 after the following the first revelation of Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him) at the age of 40 and the followers of Islam spread the teaching of Islam throughout the Arabian Peninsula. Muslims worship one God, the God of Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace Be upon Them). Moreover, The Holy book of Islam is the Qur’an, which was revealed in stages to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over 23 years and is the sacred word of God to the followers of Islam.

The Holy Quran contains a complete guidance to human kind and shows the way of living and interacting with…