Hormones taking any Synthetic hormones can lead to

    Hormones play an essential role in the human body by controlling and regulating the activity of certain cells or organs.

Hormones can be beneficial in long term if replaced when begin to loss such as; when beta cells in pancreas are unable to make insulin who regulates the glucose levels in blood. That is where Synthetic Insulin Hormone comes and helps by signaling the liver, muscles and fat cells to take glucose from the blood. Synthetic hormones are exact replica of the natural hormones made in a Laboratory by using the same molecules as natural hormones.    Loss of Hormones in early 40s, leads to early deterioration; both physically and mentally. Risks of not taking any Synthetic hormones can lead to Cholesterol, Heart disease, Stroke, Osteoporosis, Tooth loss, Depression, Alzheimer’s disease and menopausal symptoms.

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According to FDA, for some women, it may increase the chances of breast cancer, ovarian cancer (if uterus is not removed), heart attack, stroke, blood clots and gallbladder disease. But, taking lowest possible dose for shortest possible time and under doctor’s supervision can lowers this risks. In addition, mostly in late-40s and older women experience menopause. During menopauses, female loses Estrogen and Progesterone hormones.

Estrogen hormones deficiency affects the blood pressure and brain circulation causing dizziness and also affecting senses. Progesterone hormones reduces mitotic (mitosis 4th phase) change in breast and uterine tissue, prevents cardiovascular diseases, necessary for sexual response, lubrication, vaginal vasodilation and also responsible for the physiological equilibrium with estrogen. Natural progesterone stimulates bone building osteoblasts, in the absence of progesterone hormones osteoporosis (bone thinning) risk increases. In my opinion, modern-world technology has led us to many scientific discoveries and innovations. So, why not use it to our advantages. I believe Synthetic Hormones can be more beneficial than harmful.

By using Synthetic Hormones, we can prevent or reduce the symptoms of many harmful diseases than its side effects. Every medicine and treatment comes with its side effects. In order to gain something, we must lose something.