Hotel operation

Our property offers a variety of amenities and a number of amazing views as well to our guests.

We at “Star 5 Inn” offers the best In class service of accommodation, transportation and meals In class of best hotels In whole Sampson and Vancouver. Our whole staff is very much dedicated in making our guests feel like staying in a home away from home.This Park is one of the major aorist attractions of British Columbia and due to that our hotel deals with all kind of customers with full warmth and gives them full hospitality. Even, after getting served people appreciate our quality of service and we feel appreciated to be honored such by the clients.

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In our rooms we deals and provides the best in class furniture, lamps and bath facilities according to the class of service charged. As if we talk about the suites, they are located on the top floors of tour hotel and offers very beautiful view of the city and park from that height.We have unbelievable deals and plans for meals and we also provide the packages for It. Till the year of 2007, after having a bond with the British Colombia National Park our hotel offers free roaming passes for kinds and tickets for adults at very much discounted prices. We provide amazing deals on car rentals as due to special deals with the famous car rentals like thrifty, dollar, rent a car and many more in it which offers special offers to our customers having packages with Star 5.Our staff is very much cooperative, understanding and we believe in team work so we always work hard to keep our reputation as Star 5. The management of the “Star 5 Inn” is very much responsible and does its duty very effectively. We have number of plans and deals in the different categories, whether it is meals, transportation, accommodation, outdoors and transfers.

Finally, we welcome all kind of people but as corporate professionals we prefer to provide our services to families, nature and wildlife lovers and adventurers as our target market at Star 5 Inn.Company profile of the Hotel Star 5 Inn History:- Star 5 Inn is known as an Icon in hotel industry known for its class of services provided and its prosperous products that it serves to its customers at an affordable cost. It is a 3 star hotel located at Sampson in B.

C. Before, becoming a part of professional hospitality family it used to serve as a motel adjacent to the Vancouver wildlife park and it was having a huge vacant property that was used for the parking and outdoor dining purposes of the motel. Its owner Mr..

.Smith Jones successful restaurant and motels chains owner has different properties In various locations In Vancouver, Alberta and Calgary. The reason behind Ralston his business of small accommodation to a higher grade Is due to the ruling competition and lesser profits. So he was expecting to upgrade his business to a higher scale and he planned to Hospitality. He planned to invest a share of his savings in it.

He planned to get the rest of the amount from bank on behalf of his savings that he earned from his business to invest on his own dream project.In addition to it, after deciding to make a hotel and after fulfilling all the requirements and conditions required for making a hotel in B. C (Canada). Mr…

Smith got the approval for the construction of the hotel. He started looking for the designers from September of 1999 to get appropriate design for the hotel. He held different meetings and conferences with many hotel designing impasses. But all proves to be unworthy unless he had a meeting a designing group called dream designs. They had a 3 hour long meeting in which they displayed their pieces of art and ideas.Mr..

. Smith even told them about his expectations from the project and it took around 6 months for the designing team to make a model of this masterpiece. Till the end of 2000, the whole working plan and its project model was ready to be constructed. On the eve of New Year after the celebration of 2001 , it was committed by the working committee that project has to be finalized before the new year of 2003.

It took 2 years to get constructed and as expected star 5 Inn got ready on 30th of December 2002.On the New Year eve there held a grand celebration on the successful completion of the hotel to the whole star 5 working committee. Star 5 got started on the 1st of January 2003 and after opening its doors for the guests by god’s grace star 5 is providing its services till now with a rise in its sales every annual financial year. It has also touched new peaks of glory until its start leaving many top brands in hotel industry behind in the list of services and amenities provided. Experience:-Star 5 Inn has experience of 12 prosperous years in providing services to its guests.

It was established in 2003 and had its main initiative of customer satisfaction after establishment. Its mission statement is to serve all its customers not as a customer rather as a guest and to serve it has to be the duty of the whole members of star 5 family. This commitment of gesture and service has made the brand as an icon of success in hotel industry. This dedication towards the Job and motivational thinking has made Star 5 to take over the majority of the named brands.Its location, target arrest and serving facilities also help it to become a named brand in its class. Its innovative and hardworking staff that works 2417 to keep the reputation of the hotel. The management staff and its whole management committee works continuously to make its services cost effective and customer satisfactory.

All efforts that are made to make the customer staying experience more pleasant and comfortable for the guests. Its process of experience and leadership has made our brand as a shining star into the skies of the hotel industry.Star 5 Inn has a well-planned and responsible staff managed and hired on the basis f their abilities and qualifications. They are fully aware about their responsibilities and duties. Star 5 has regional manager that is responsible for supervision of different groups assigned for different front and back operations inside the hotel. He also has the responsibility for the implementation of the hotel policy standards by the staff during their Jobs to serve the clients and for the betterment of their services.There is a department for the sales and marketing for the revenue generation and annual marketing plans that are required for the analysis of the sales of the property. They also have responsibilities like making of the monthly budgets and to analyze the monthly sales.

Moreover, there is General Manager (G. M) that has the responsibility to be in touch with the guests of the hotel and initiative to make the clients happy and satisfied with the services provided and he should be protective towards the reputation of the hotel while dealing with the customer in its curtsy to make them stay confirmed.All of these designations are considered in the executives. Rather than that there are teams of in cleaning, room service, bell hocks, waiters and other kitchen staff posted on different front and back Jobs. All the members of the staff team from the Board of Executives to the workers in hotel all works for making the services better and approachable to all its clients. Management:- The main role of the management department in Star 5 Inn is to provide its customers with the best services that can be made available to its clients since its opening in 2003.There is management committee that covers a complete group of people working together for the betterment and to make it better inside the class of 3 star rated hotels. The whole management committee that includes the board of executives held meetings to discuss about the ideas and additional methods that should be implemented for the rise in popularity and sales of the hotel.

Detailed Work Plan:- Star 5 Inn is located in 9078 Dallas Drive, Sampson, BC and known for its class of services to families and nature lovers. We offer variety of services to our guests at reasonable prices.Star 5 inn’s amenities and services include:- Conference rooms High speed internet( Wi-If in the main lobby) Free breakfast( 6:30 to 9:am) 2417 Food service Outdoor swimming pool Multi lingual staff Ping pong table on each floor Laundry service Junior suits includes balcony Outdoor basketball court Free parking Air conditioner and an Oval mirror in the washroom There are three types of suites offered by star 5 are as followed: This particular type of suite is located on the lower floors of the hotel which will includes one queen size bed and table with two chairs.We do offer a telephone, air conditioner, small fridge inside it. In washroom it has a big bath tub, shower and bath coats hanging on the towel rack. Features of Standard Suite: Mini fridge 2417 room service Table rack and 2 chairs Designer curtains Soft cotton pillows and blankets All bath amenities Free breakfast Rectangular mirror Air fresheners Junior suite: Junior suite includes two connecting rooms with 2 queen size beds and a dining room with 6 chairs and a spacious washroom with great bath facilities.

This particular suite has a coffee maker, a dryer and a telephone in it.The most important thing of this room is a beautiful view of a balcony that makes it special and appeals the clients. Features of Junior suite: 42 inches television Dryer and Coffee maker Balcony view Beautiful curtains Air conditioner Different types of pillows and blankets Candies and chocolates on arrival This suite will offer top level amenities to our client with one king size bed, 42 inches television, a living area with a sofa UCM bed, table with six chairs, perfect bath room and a super view of the wildlife park.Features of deluxe suite:- 0 Air conditioned room 0 Bouquet on the table 0 Bath coats 0 Coffee maker, dryer machine, coffee maker and a 42 inches television 0 Black colored sofa couch Shoe shiner Heart shaped pillows Warm blankets and designer curtains Beautiful view from the window Room maid Classification of Star 5 Inn Ownership and affiliation:- Star 5 inn is another name for pure luxury and class. It is a independent hotel owned in collaboration between dream designs and Mr… Smith Jones owner of multiple motels and restaurants.

It is privately affiliated with the collaboration and does not have any other partners or affiliation authorities connected to the hotel. This corporate partnership is established since the establishment of the hotel property. It has worked so well since the last 11 years that it has made their bindings so strong and stable with the passage of time.

It is due to the creativity and financial support that made it done and the respect towards their goals has made it touch the higher scales of glory in today’s tourism industry.Due to the rising benefits and better response the star 5 committee has decided to spread its chain to provincial level and there will be settlement of new brand in downtown Calgary. Location of the property:- Star 5 Inn is located at Sampson besides the Vancouver wildlife park.

Its location makes it very much unique and different form the usual hotel locations near to a sea, in downtown of a city or at a commercial site that provides its service and make its customers stay with its fake services.But at star 5 people visits to have a stress free laity time with their families, their partners as well to have a feel of excitement and thrill at the same time. Due to its natural location at a open atmosphere provided for its guests. Our guests get the comfort of their need as their kids and families get so much happy to have a fun time at Wildlife Park while viewing the animals in their natural habitats and they also get the comfort of amenities at the same time that it gives it a different kind of pleasant heavenly experience.Star 5 is created at such a natural greenery and wildlife in it, the other side it has the rising and downing suns IEEE and most importantly it is Just a 10 minutes ride from the downtown Vancouver that tourists can have roam of the beautiful city of Vancouver whenever they want to go for outing experience. So it would be perfect to say that Star 5 gives has its location in the heart of the city of Vancouver and it has everything that is required for a remarkable experience of a Journey. Size and Layout Star 5 inn has 10 floors and 120 rooms (12 rooms each floor).There are 72 standard suits, 24 Junior suites and 24 deluxe suits.

Our restaurant, conference rooms, vending machines, washrooms, vending machines, staff lunch rooms, maintenance and safekeeping room and front desk is located on the main lobby that is our ground floor. We do have an outdoor swimming pool and a basketball court on the main floor of the hotel to entertain our guests. We have a ping pong table room on each floor of our hotel. Level of Service Our hotel provides with a top level service to our ultimate clients.Our facilities will make our guests feel comfortable, satisfied and experiences the best customer satisfaction. Our restaurant serves greater variety of exotic food to different cultured people. Target Market Star 5 inn targets families, leisure travelers, and nature loving people as Wildlife Park s adjacent to our hotel. We are offering Junior suite to families and standard rooms appeals the leisure travelers.

The amenities of the deluxe suits would be most preferably taken by any group of people weather families or individual travelers traveling for leisure.