How do we become a Male or Female in our society?

Male or Female in our society? Solicitation is ‘a continuing process whereby an individual acquires a personal Identity and learns the norms, values, behavior, and social skills appropriate to his or her social position. ‘ How he or she learns these skills can be affected on where they have been brought up, who they have grown up around and how they were taught. There are two different types of solicitation: Primary agents of solicitation and Secondary agents of solicitation.

They are the people or organizations that effect how we grow and develop.Primary agents are usually the Immediate, nuclear family, The solicitation skills that primary agents provide are part of the most Important developmental stage a human being will go through. Secondary agents are the other social situations that someone can be In. Examples are school, neighborhood friends, mass media and religion. These skills can greatly affect how a person is as they will often adapt to suit the certain situation. Primary agencies have a large role in shaping how someone behaves. Because primary agencies are usually the first people that someone will see, the person will copy what they do.

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Also, because primary agencies are often the persons family, they have to teach them the first basics of life, and they will teach them to behave well in order for them to have the best chance in life. In terms of knowing if they are male or female, their primary agencies will often buy them clothes and toys that are designed for their gender. Sometimes, a person will not know fully if they are a male or female. But their arenas can often explain about the different genders and glee their child a choice in whether they want to act like their stereotypical gender or not.Parents should encourage their child not to Just follow the stereotypical roles when growing up as they should have a choice in life. Similarly, Secondary agencies play a large part in influencing our gender roles. But, instead, you have more of a personal decision in what gender role you take on. The mass media can influence your decision greatly.

Often, the media will show the traditional views of masculinity and femininity, for example: men are meant to be strong and women are meant to be weak. Omen will clean the house and men will earn the money. The media often make people feel that they have to follow everyone else as makes It seem that what they show Is the ‘normal’ way to behave. At places like school and work, you are mixed with a variety of different people.

This can then show you how not everyone Is the same, and It Is alright to be different. Deciding your gender role In society can be very difficult as you often will make a decision to slut the others around you Instead of being enforceable with yourself. Usually, people will not mind which gender role you decide to take, however, there are some that think that you can only act Like the gender you are. It Is people Like these that cause people to hide who they really are. Because jobs are so much more available for everyone, it makes people realize that they have a choice in what they want to do due to the fact that women can go out to work and do not have to stay at home to clean. Recently, the traditional roles of men and women are beginning to switch.

Nowadays, women will often be the main hillier, shopping and cleaning. This is because women have a much more respected role in society and are not Just expected to stay at home to look after the family. There are many more Jobs available for women so they want to try and support their families as well. Because of these changes with the gender roles, the gap between males and females in society is becoming smaller due to there being fewer differences between them. This is because most of the gender roles are now seen as socially acceptable for both male and female to do.

For example: men and women can look after the children and they can both earn money for the family. Due to the fact that the gender roles are changing, the old stereotypical roles are getting lost and new ones are in place. The ‘New Man’ is the ‘modern sensitive no macho man: modern man characterized by emotional sensitivity, recognition of women as equals, and a desire to share in domestic chores and the work associated with child rearing.

‘ This is proof that the gender roles are changing and that the idea of stereotypes could be no more.