How i believe we got here

I believe this because my family grew up believing Adam and Eve. It’s part of my heritage. My family Is not religious, but we believe He Is all around us all the time. In the bible It tells us: God put the first life on earth of the human race.

Their names were Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were married and had children. Their children had children and so on. So now it makes the number of the population of the earth we have today.

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We are all Adam and Eve’s children which are God’s children ND this is what my heart tells me is true. I also believe that even if we are from another place or speak another language, we still share the same blood as God our higher being. My mother once told me, “l believe we came because of Adam and Eve. If we didn’t believe in something we can’t see and only believe things we can, then our imagination that we have left would be gone. ” When my mother said that, it left a big impression on me. I thought about it and tried to think of myself without an imagination.What I saw was a boring life without any fun and any laughter In It.

I know that not everyone believes In God and I also know that some people In the world believe In Darwinism. I was also taught that I could believe in Darwinism, but I know that I don’t need to have hard facts to believe everything is true. What I say to myself is,” To believe in things is one’s own thoughts. I can believe only in mine and mine alone. ” I listen to others openly; people listen to me openly as well. I enjoy learning how others think.I know I will always believe that we came to earth by Adam and Eve. They will always start the chain of the human race in my eyes.

To see Adam and Eve’s children everywhere around us Just amaze me because, they traveled so far and wide to cover this whole earth. This is what I believe and I am sticking to It. I grew up knowing this. I like to believe in things without having to think “Oh I can’t believe this until I have facts” that Just seems too difficult for me. I do understand Darwinism; but It’s Just not what I believe.