How I Want to Be Remembered

Said Emmanuel ___________was born on July 31, 2000, at the Forsyth hospital in Winston-Salem.

Said was born premature and with bronchitis. The doctors told his parents that Said was never going to be able to play any kind of sports or any type of outdoor activity because his lungs were not fully developed. From the age of 1-4 Said had asthma, so he had to spent most of his time indoors. Said started practicing soccer at the age of 5 with his older brother. As the year went by Said’s asthma and bronchitis went away and his lungs got healthier. Elementary School came around and he was somewhat excited about starting school. On his first day of kindergarten he cried.

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He only got in trouble once in kindergarten for biting someone during a school assembly. Said also got in trouble for punching Beau Burgess in the stomach because he was calling Said a midget. Throughout the years Said would get in trouble for little things, nothing major. 7th and 8th grade Said did not get into much trouble. He was looking forward to middle school soccer, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but to Said it was.

Said wasn’t the strongest or fastest player on the field. He wasn’t scoring much and he would get frustrated with himself. The summer of his 8th-grade year he dedicated himself to training and crafting his skill to become a better soccer player. During that summer he took a trip to Las Vegas where his cousins would be helping him with his training. Said came into his freshman year thinking that he was ready for his first year of high school soccer. Said ended up starting and would score a couple times, but he was still a little scared and shy playing with the upperclassmen.During the season Said would get in trouble for hazing a teammate on the bus.

He ended up being suspended for 3 days. His freshmen season didn’t go as expected. Said visits his family in Las Vegas again that summer. He keeps on training and playing soccer with his oldest cousin..