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How To Improve your Self-Esteem: We’ve all been there. Moments in which we begin to  criticize every inch of our body, our mind,our worth, our relationships, etc.

, draining us of any positivity or ounce ofconfidence we had left in us.  Self-esteem is simply one of those things thatneeds tending and a lot of love.  Leftunattended,  and  we often find ourselves  in an situation where we continue to self-sabotageour progress to change how we value and perceive ourselves, despite knowing theaffect is has on our mental well-being.  While low self-esteem isn’t considered a mental healthproblem in itself, it can easily move in that direction if you begin toexperience anxiety or depression as a result. When you begin to blame yourself,view yourself negatively, feel hopeless and worry about your inability to do anything,  you find that it’s increasingly moredifficult to build your self-esteem.  Andliving in a world in which social media seems to occupy most of our time, weare faced with more instances where we can easily take criticism to heart, or,place importance on things that truly don’t matter. For bloggers andinfluencers, for example, it can easily be disheartening, even overwhelming, ifyour content isn’t received well in terms of ‘likes’ or feedback.  While most of what we do is done with thepurest intention, people can still find ways to discredit your hard work,belittle you, mock you, or break you down in ways you never imagined.

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And thisapplies outside of that example as well. In general, someone will and can finda way to break your self-esteem.But before I get into my daily reminders,  it’s important to remember that seekingguidance when you feel it’s too much to handle isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s asign of strength. Your mental health is important and it should never besomething you find shame in or feel you have to concur alone. Below are MY daily reminders to actively work towardbuilding self-esteem: 1.      Find the source – understand what it is that’sbreaking you down and get to the root of it.

2.      Positive vibes only – make a conscious effort toremove negative words for constructive ones – if necessary. Otherwise, placeeffort in giving yourself positive acknowledgments.3.      Company that you keep – I’ve said this once and I’llsay it 100 times more, surround yourself with people that love you and buildyour self-esteem. Who wants friends that don’t encourage you or support you?4.

      Find your voice – stand up for things thatmatter to you, be confident, aggressive, and know you have a say in your ownlife!5.      Daily wins – set small goals to build yourself-esteem. For example, go through three things you’re proud of or like aboutyourself at the end of the day. Big or small, it’s a win if you can take thetime to acknowledge your efforts.6.      Be kind to yourself – life will have its up anddowns, people will say hurtful things, support may seem non-existent,  work might suck, life at a standstill, but allof those things can either be controlled or moved past.

So, give yourself somecredit…and love you for being just that, yourself! So, as we fight to have a voice, make an effort to not carewhat others think (easier said than done), and find ways to grow stronger andmore confident, we need to remember that we are in control. Let’s stand up,equip ourselves with the knowledge and tools necessary, and take control of ourself-esteem. Let’s grow so that others can learn and grow with us, and let’sbuild a world filled with confident women.