How is sympathy and fear fear created for Arthur

Sympathy and fear are created In many ways In the novel The Woman In Black’,hall does this using many language devices such as first person narrative and pathetic fallacy. There are many examples of sympathy throughout the book for example we feel sympathy for Arthur when he says ‘l could not after all retreat to Crying Gifford’ as it suggest he is trapped in place he does not want to be feeling isolated,lonely and being held against his will, almost as if he is in a nightmare and he can’t wake up.There Is also a lot of fear created throughout the novel such as when Mr. Sam Dailey says ‘when ever she has been seen’ ‘In some violent or dreadful circumstance, a child has died.

‘ This makes us feel fear for Arthur as no one has yet to die which suggests something bad is going to happen and Arthur may be harmed. We feel sympathy for Arthur because he feels uncomfortable within his own family and he feels as he can’t share what he is going through and what he has gone through,wilt them. We know this because he feels UN-belonging In his family which Is shown to us when he says ‘l began to feel set apart from them all. N outsider to their circle’.

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Hill makes us feel sympathy for him through the use of 1st person narrative by expressing a feeling we have all felt before. The language she uses suggests that Arthur doesn’t belong with them and that he belongs somewhere else, she did this with use of the word ‘outsider’. Another reason we feel sympathy for Arthur is because of all the pain he has to go to to finally be free of what happened In the past and that reliving what happened Is ‘the most sing-along task’ which suggests that this is the first grief he has ever experience and that he doesn’t know how to handle what he is going throughA fear is created for Arthur by his blindness to the warnings given to him and the truths that have been told to him. This is done when he ignores the suspicious behavior of everyone he mentions Mrs. Drably too for example when he is talking to Sam Dailey about going to her funeral and Sam replies ‘You’ll be about the only one that Is. ‘ she uses speech to show his Ignorance to what Is a warning about eel marsh house and the people who lived there. Hill also uses pathetic fallacy to portray the theme of blindness and the loss of senses when she is talking about the London go and says ‘sounds were deadened, shapes blurred. Sympathy Is created for Arthur because of his naivety to the bad things that could be happening, when he says ‘That walk back was a nightmare’ Hills use of a simple sentence highlights how naive Arthur is and how little knowledge he has of what is real and what is a dream at this point, and how oblivious he is to what is going to happen to him next.

Also the bluntness of the sentence highlights how truly terrifying this experience was to Arthur as he was yet to encounter anything worse.His naivety also makes us feel fear for Arthur because of his poor Judgment to what susceptible to being harmed by the woman in black as he thinks she is Just a myth and that she could not hurt him in any way Hill makes the reader feel sympathy by making Arthur feel isolated and insignificant, I think she does this because she wants Arthur to feel how the woman in black would of felt when her son was taken from her. We feel sympathy for Arthur when he says ‘l had never been quite so alone, nor felt quite so small and insignificant. When it says l had never been’ it suggest that Arthur was unfamiliar with the feeling of loneliness which would mean the feeling would be more powerful than that of someone who was used to being alone and UN-meaningful to other people. The feeling of isolation also creates a sense of fear and foreboding as there would be no one around if anything happened. Also the fact that Arthur is alone could mean that people do not believe he is actually seeing the woman in black and therefore would not warn him about the danger he is in being at eel marsh house.