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How to get a domain for your blog : Welcome to myanother informative article. In this article we will talk about How to create adomain for your blog. Basically as you know that every website has particulardomain like (www. . ifyou look at the web address on, here is youdomain name of particular blog.

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So, lets start the article and talk about that, In thistopic I am covering all the informative information about this topsic. Then stayhere and read this till end. Friends as you know that blogging is long journey for everyperson who wants to make carrier on blog. There are so many types of blogger,they can’t suggest you to start blogging because it take too much time tobecome a good blogger. Because you will not see any result immediately inblogging.If your blog has some subscriber who regulary follow youtime to time, defeneatly your are on the way of sucesss and going to get themfastly.

If you get your success on blogging noboudy can stop yourjourney on blogging, blogging can change your life and everything.1. what is domain?Actulally domain presents about your blogging brand, itdefines you and your actual identity .2. Is it important to start blog with domainYeah It is very important to start a blog with a goodsuitable domain name. Many blogger don’t look on this matter and some blogger don’tstart with his blog with good positive to find your domain name becauseit is very important.3.

.com Domain?Friends even I also using (.com) domain. There are manyextentions are available in the market even they provided good serviesc andmany stuffs. Actually I have seen many people uses many other type of domainextentions because somewhere they are free of cost and somewhere they are verycheapest about 1$ – 2$, Mostly free (.tk, .ml) etc. Everytime a person want to setup a brand for itself with a(.

com) domain, because the values of (.com) domain is very high and optimized. Basicallypeople orefer you to for (.net) or (.org) domain extenions.So I highly recommend to you make your blog with (.com)domain.4.

How to setup (.com) domain?Now if you finally chossed your name and take finaldesiciion to go for the (.com) domain with your brand. What can I do when all the good (.com) domain are alreadytaken ?Yeah, most of the time all the dood names alreayregistere.  If you can get your favouritedomain names if they are being resold.

You can find out from any market place.Here the list o some resale websties alternates given belowAfternic.comButdomains.comHuge If everything is clear and you have got a (.com) domain foryour company. You can easily register with godaddy.

com or, price of your first domain registration is very cheap it’s something abot 99$You can get your domain from other marketplace on very cheapand revalante priceMy personal experience I suggest you to go through theBigrock.

com or godaddy.comDon’t look another domain providers because they areexpensives and if you’re a beginner in blogging, I suggest you to or bigrock.

com on cheap prices.