How project management is driven by a dialogic

 How do you perceive art? For many Art involves emotion and expressing feelings in different ways.  Painting and architecture these types of work explained the creative process, but there are also many ways project management explain that creative process. Will Durant (2017)


To this day that split parties in The project management world when it comes to discussing whether it is an art or science.  According to both Larson and Gay (2011)  it’s clear that project should be trained balls in the technical and sociocultural side of managing projects. According to Larson (2011) that are today mention of project management is a much messier and often contradictory and paradoxical world of implementation.  According to a journal reassessing project management, the art of leading people in the project is far more important than the science of the technical tools of the table important it is believed that a project manager must communicate effectively and work within the organisations culture motivate the team. Upon reading a blog written by a project management group, there companies that project management has to be choreographed unconstructed steps in creating tasks, they also believe that it is about being creative and brainstorming, in order to have a successful project steps you take rely on your creative instincts. Ronda Bowen (2013). Dealing with the team members is often exercise of creative expression. Project management requires the ability to anticipate chaos and handle issues as they come thick and fast with no warning and with no clear solution.  The way you schedule can be created each project manager has its own way of developing the schedule and getting it done. Will Durant (2017).

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  The scientific process that goes into project management is driven by a dialogic process and facts which we are all aware of.  This include logical parts of the process  this also helps planning scheduling and overall control of the project. The science of the project is obtaining information about a particular practice or experiment going on. If we really think about it the core of management includes concepts principles theories and methods which are all used in a day of management, also theories is when concepts are brought together unsystematically placed which then give an idea of knowledge. To develop theories  it takes years of studying and practice. These so-called theories me and go revision and change after being checked through by different people. An example of how science is used in a project,  if a manager has a problem with the employees workrate performance then the manager would look to specific always of improvement expecting that his ways will work in the situations, and no doubt he has learnt these ways from the business school or Company training program.