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    How was Creon the biggest tragic death in Antigone you may ask? Creon’s  arrogance and hubris manner caused him to kill many people including his own wife and son. He not only killed his own family, but with his excessive pride and ego, his own dignity. All he really cared about was to look like a strong and good king.

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t go as he expected it to.         Creon’s manner and heated temper was first introduced to the play once the Sentry tells Creon about Polyneices’ burial. ” Stop! Must you doddering wrecks go out of your head entirely? “The gods!” Intolerable! The gods favor this corpse? Why? How has he served them? Tired to loot their temples, burn their images, yes, and the whole state, and its laws with it! Is it your senile opinion that the gods love to honor bad men? A pious thought!- No, from the very beginning there have been those who whispered together, stiff-necked anarchists, putting their heads together, Scheming against my alleys. These are men, and they have bribed my own guard to do this thing. (Sententiously) Money! There’s nothing in the world so demoralizing as money. Down go your cities, homes gone, men gone, honest hearts corrupted, Crookedness of all kinds, and all for money! (to sentry) But you-! I swear by God and by the throne of God, the man who has done this thing shall pay for it ! Find that man; bring him here to me, or your death will be the least of your problems: I’ll string you up alive, there will be certain ways to make you discover your employer before you die; and the process may teach you a lesson you seem to have missed: the dearest profit is sometimes all too dear. That depends on the source.

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Do you understand me? A fortune won is often misfortune.”( Scene 1 Lines 103-130) By this, the reader is able to conclude that Creon does no like to be Competed with, especially as authority, even by the gods. His excessive pride and the want to always be right makes him act with low-tolerance towards other people. When he has his big Argument with Haemon about Antigone, Creon acts less mature and Haemon acts opposite of him. Creon uses arrogance and closed-minded beliefs of women in his arguments. Haemon tries to open his father’s eyes to see the mistake he is about to make.

Creon’s downfall begins in the beginning of the play, but is mostly seen when he visits Tireseas   the prophet.  He  tells Creon what is about to happen to both him and his ciy if he continues to act like he is, but Creon accuses him of liar. Suddenly Creon listens and decides to free Antigone,  not knowing it was already to late.

His hubris provoked Antigone’s death. Which also provoked Haemon’s (his son) and Eurydice( his wifes’) death. What makes him the tragic hero is the fact that he has to live with the fact that he motivated the death’s of them all. Althiugh he didn’t die or commit suicide, he emotionally and spiritually did. All his life he would have to live with the regret that he practically killed his family and neice.         Antigone, on the other hand is also both hubris and stubborn.

Her way of being brazen sometimes is too much, which cost her life. She did bury her brother as a way to be obedient to the gods as well as to honor her brother. The downfall of this was her excessive pride. The times Creon and her used to talk /argue, she would pretty much rub it into his face, as if saying       ” Yeah, I did it and I will act like a bad*ss about it.” This infuriated Creon even more. It is possible that if she wouldn’t have acted this way, she would have been saved. The reason why she isn’t the tragic hero is because she was never going to regret what she had done, she did felt pity for herself, but not regret.       In conclusion, Creon is the tragic Hero for both his downfall and his participation in other people’s downfall as well.

Creon not only killed Antigone, but also his family. His excessive pride led him to think to highly of himself, even more highly than the gods.The deaths practically killed him and he now has to live with regret. Excessive pride could lead you to do horrible things.