How to apply first aid

Sarah Jacob How to Apply First Aid Demonstration Speech Introduction: I know all of us at some point have gotten a cut or scrape and started bleeding or you Just freak out and don’t know what to do. All though out life we go through different experiences that leave us with all kinds of injuries, weather it be cooking in the kitchen, riding your bike or just walking down the street, accidents can happen. And though all my personal experiences I’ve learned that there is a proper way of taking care of cuts and scrapes.There are Just three easy steps: Prep, Cleaning, Dressing Prep: The first step in the process is to take the necessary precautions in order to prevent the injury from being contaminated by outside germs or bacteria that can cause Infection. First of, you want to make sure you wash your hands before and after. In Impulse minor cases you can use hand sanitized, today I’m using sanitary wipes and In more serious cases you would want to use gloves.The goal of this step Is to prevent the exchange of bodily fluids, which can spread germs, and bacteria and o definitely don’t want that.

After you’ve taken the necessary precautions now you can move on to handling the wound itself. Cleaning: The next step in the process is to clean the wound. In any situation, most of the time, cuts and scraped bleed, it Just occurs naturally. It’s not something you should be scared or worried about, you Just want to make sure that before you start cleaning you want to stop the bleeding.

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To do that all you have to do is apply direct pressure to the wound, you can get some gauze r even Just a paper towel, or a piece of clothing and apply direct pressure, that will help slow the flow of bleeding and help the blood clot and eventually it will stop bleeding altogether. Another thing you can do Is to raise the Injury above the heart, what this does Is this Just uses gravity to slow the flow of blood away from the Injury site and also help the blood clot faster. After you stopped the bleeding you can move on to cleaning the wound.To clean the wound all you have to do is take off whatever o were using to stop the bleeping and rinse the injury under running water and make sure you dry it off because you don’t want a wet wound.

Once youВ»eve finished cleaning the wound the next thing to do is apply a bandage. Dressing: The third of the process is to bandage or dress the wound. This helps the process of healing for the injury by isolating the injury from being further contaminated and also to help keep the cut closed. Essentially you Just find the right sized band aide and put in on the wound and there you go!In cases that it is a large wound you can go and grab gauze and put It on the wound and secure It with medical tape. Once you’ve done that you have completed your Job. Closing: So lets review: first prep yourself, then clean the wound, and lastly apply a bandage. If you use these three easy steps, you can avoid any further complications first aid.

Next time you find yourself in this kind of situation and you realize your moms not there to get you all bandaged up you’ll know exactly what to do! But in cases where it’s a major injury Just call 911 instead!