How To Be a Friend

Andrea Slander Mr.. Cravens English Come I 19 September 2014 How to be a friend In life people have to search long and hard to find friends, not Just any kind of friends but the good, reliable, and trustworthy kind. The kinds of friends that make me feel they are supposed to be In my life.

The ones Like family, which make me, want to call my siblings. There are so called “friends” that talk behind their friends back. Decide that all of the sudden don’t want to be a part of their life, or are just plain selfish and don’t know how to communicate or help someone with their problems.I for one have couple of friends that are great and I can count on no matter what. Friends that I know have my back, or who are there for the ups and downs in life. The ones that make me feel like my life has Improved because they are in it.

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Different friends bring different things I learn Into perspective. My friends have taught me how to be a good friend. I met Amy In grade school, although, friends with my sister I felt like she was mine as well. Growing up she was always around because her and my sister spent a lot of time together.

She would stay the night and I was invited to her house a people times as well.One night she had a bon fire and I was invited, we camped out in a tent in a field near her house. There were several girls there and we had a lot of fun. One of the girls there got Injured and we had to rush her up to the house to get her some band aides. She started yelling “Mom we need your help, she’s going to dill” Her mother comes out of the house and she was carrying a first lad kit. Her mother protested “She’s not going to die, it’s Just a scrape. ” The girl said “I’m hypoglycemic and I could bleed to death. ” Amy replied “Hurry, she’s going to led to death! The girl said “If I get cut or scrapped my blood takes a long time to stop bleeding.

” So it felt like a dire emergency to get the girl to the house before she bled to death and come to find out she didn’t have that condition. She heard about It and thought she had It. I will never forget carrying the girl to the house and Amy freaking out because we thought the girl was going to die. To this day Amy and I talk about this and laugh at how scary it was as we were in the moment. I remember one day there was a girl named Megan who was threatening her, she asked “Would o walk me to the bus? Nodding my head yes, I walked her to the bus so Megan wouldn’t bother her. To this day Amy tells people how I protected her, by walking her to the bus. Two years ago Amy gave me a Job at the residential care facility that she manages, when I really needed one.

Since then we have become close. For as long as I can remember she has wanted to be a mother, but has not been able to due to health issues. So it has been a privilege to watch her journey of her getting the child she always wanted, through adoption. She told me that “When I die I want you to take care of Wade”.I got choked up and tears filled my eyes, as I graciously accepted what she was asking of me “It would be an honor” I replied.

One day me? ” I looked at her and said “yes, I will go with you. ” She continued “We should become nurses” I replied “yeah, we pretty much do that anyways” So together we looked up classes. I am enrolled in those classes and she has decided to go a different direction and has dropped some of the classes we chose. At first I was upset with her because we were supposed to be doing this together, but then I realized that maybe what we had planned to do Just wasn’t the right thing for both of s.I have recently decided to change what I am going to do as well. So even though you make a plan together and maybe things don’t work out like you had “planned” doesn’t mean that you still can’t support each other in your endeavors. She is the type of friend that you have for a lifetime and even though we have had disagreements and excitement in our lives.

I know that she will always be there for me as I will be there for her, because by doing things for each other and experiencing things together has not only brought us closer but taught us how to be good friends and grow as people.