How to be a perfect student

Leadership and Service Leadership is when you guide others in the right direction, when you step up to the plate and take imitative. When you serve others, it means that you are helping them in some type of way. You are doing a good deed when you serve those who really need you and those who don’t. For example I want to be an English teacher because I want to serve the next generation of youth, I want to lead and help them in their educational path.

My program of study will help me lead and serve by preparing me.My program of study is preparing me and leading me down the path I need to be on. The courses that I am enrolled in and taking are guiding me for my future.

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My program of study is giving me the guidance I need to give others down the line. President Obama is someone who is exhibiting leadership and service. He is leading a country and setting examples for the people. Obama is serving us by protecting us as a whole and making tough decisions every day. Obama faces challenges that are hard for us to understand, but guides us in the right direction with the decisions that are made.The key take away for me in this topic was the discussion questions and the readings.

For me they seem to hit everything on the nail and relate to reality so well for me. The readings weren’t dull and they kept my attention because I felt like they had information that I really needed to take in. In this topic of the discussion forums I felt like everyone had so much more to write than usual because this was a topic that we could all relate to. I gained a lot form this topic.