How to be An Efficient Free Throw Shooter

An Efficient Free Throw Shooter It was the championship game of my 8th grade AJAX basketball season and my team was down one point and with two seconds left. The point guard Alex passed me the ball under the basket and as I was going up for the shot, I got fouled. I stepped up to the free throw line cool and composed and banked In my first free throw.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead and without hesitating; I knocked down the second free throw. I won the championship game for my team because I knew how to make free harrows.Free throws are without a doubt one of the most important aspects in basketball, and as history shows, they win championships. Although most people think that practice makes perfect when it comes to free throw shooting, there is actually a series of tips that help make your free throw shooting Instantly better. The first thing that you need to master when becoming an efficient free throw shooter is your form and technique, and when done correctly you can instantly improve your results. Step up to the free throw line and place your feet as close to he line as possible, making it the closest and easiest shot possible.However, make sure your feet are not touching the line because that would be illegal.

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Keep your feet shoulder width part and line up your shooting foot so it is perfectly In line with the center of the rim. If you are left-handed your shooting foot would be your left foot and vice versa. Then, scoot your other foot back about six Inches, still maintaining the shoulder width apart rule. This may not feel comfortable at first but this is the correct technique and might Just take some time before it feels right.Next, you want to bend your knees so you aren’t relying completely on upper body strength. Make sure you bend enough so your legs are the source of about half of the power in the shot but also don’t bend so much that your butt touches your heels because that will tire your legs out. As you are bending your knees, raise the ball to eye-level, keep your non- shooting elbow (not the elbow of your dominant hand) tucked in, and then when you rise back up and straighten your legs, release the ball.

Once you get the form and technique down, you need to develop consistency and repetition.Develop some sort of free throw ritual and do it before you shoot every single free throw, whether you are shooting in a practice or a real game. It can be the way you spin the ball in your hands, how many times you dribble the ball, or you can do something completely unique, as long as you keep It consistent. This repetition will play Into becoming a better free throw shooter because it makes the process mindless. After you have perfected the physical aspect of shooting free throws, you just need to master the mental aspect of it, which may be just as important.It may sound cliche© but when o are at the free throw line it just needs to be you, the ball, and the basket.

Block out all other distractions and clear your mind. You need to stay calm and have poise, Also it is important to realize your fatigue level when shooting free throws, especially in a game. When you shoot free throws in a game, your legs will most likely be tired from running so you need to adjust how you shoot appropriately. This would most likely be done by using more strength in your arms. Furthermore, confidence is a very important part of the mental aspect. You need to think that every free throw you hoot is going in.Surprisingly, Just a simple change in your mindset like this can help your shooting a lot. I know that there is a mental facet of free throw shooting because there have been some great shooters in the NAB that were not that great at the free throw line; Chuck Hayes and Chris Dudley to name a couple.

Practice does make you a better free throw shooter, Just like it does with any activity. Nonetheless, there is still a right and a wrong way to shoot free throws and knowing the right way is essential. Hopefully you can use these tips effectively and maybe win a championship on the way.