How to Build a Good Resume

If you are a person who is seeking out how to build a good resume then let me tell you beforehand that it is a task which needs immense concentration and much focus too. Before I begin telling you about how to write a good resume, let me tell you what a good resume essentially has. A good resume is defined as something which is simple yet professional, detailed but not lengthy and something which is completely error free. If you are a job hunter then this kind of a resume can help you a lot. It will take time to build such a resume but it will be worth a while in the end.

The Objective

The objective is perhaps one of the most important sentences in the resume; it comes under the contact information and name of the resume holder and has to be written in such a way that it grabs the reader’s attention immediately. Most professionals suggest that an objective should only be of one sentence and not too long.Don’t ever go for the ‘one objective for all’ concept because you are only going to seem non serious about your job then. Write the objective according to the company and the position they are hiring.

The Educational History

In a normal resume formatting, the educational history comes under the objective but remember that this not necessarily something that is set in stone and so you can shift the format.

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Getting back to the point, you need to state your educational history after you have written the objective, give a proper heading and don’t just begin writing them in points.Only state the educational degrees that you have completed. An important point to mention here is that you have to put your most recent educational degree at the top and then work your way down to where you went to school. If you have done special courses you were interested in then you should also include this information under this heading.

The Work History

Once you are done with the educational history, you need to give the heading of work experience and begin writing all your jobs under there. Once again, just like the educational history, you need to write your most recent job at the top and your first job in the end.

Write down the time period when you were employed and also the company’s name and your job title.

The Achievements

Remember to always give everything subheadings because your resume will only seem cluttered if you do not. After the work history comes the achievements and skills section. In this section you have to write the things which you have achieved in your prior jobs. You can also add subheadings like ‘certificates’ ‘awards’ and other such which reflect your skills.