How To Commit Suicide

Whereas the publicity centered on Jerry Sandusky of Penn State University as a child molester has encouraged many there victims of abuse to come forward. Whereas two victims showed irrefutable evidence that they had been listed as children by Bernie Fine of Syracuse University. Whereas no charges were brought against Bernie Fine because the statute of limitations in the state of New York had expired. Whereas every state has a different statute of limitations regarding child abuse crimes. Section 1: States will be incentive to educate students about sexual abuse, harassment, etc.Subsection A: The seminars will include awareness, identification, porting, and prevention of sexual abuse Section 2: Education regarding sexual abuse or sexual harassment will begin with grade two and continue throughout high school.

Subsection A: Enforce a sexual harassment seminar for the 2nd grade, a different curriculum for the 7th grade, and a final curriculum in the 9th grade. Section 3: States that implement one-third of the courses will receive a 1% increase in education funding. A 2% increase is two-thirds are implemented. And a 3% increase if all 3 are increased. Section 4: This bill will take effect 91 days after passage

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