How to Die Soon

How to die soon All people in the world tend to live longer now. Their living standard is improving gradually. The scientists try to facilitate and save people’s life by discovering new technology of healing people’s disease. People nowadays cannot die easily.

According to the United Nation’s report, Central African Republic has the shortest life expectancy with 45. 91 years while Japan has the longest life expectancy with 82. 73 years.

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The world average life expectancy, therefore, is 67. 8 years. So that you can see that people have long life span. It is not easy for you to die sooner before age. However, I can still find the solution to solve this problem for you. I have several methods that can effectively help you to die soon.

If you are In a Beginner level, you can try this method. You have to be not careful all the time. This method can help. Normally, people tend to be careful when they cross the road or drive the car. So you just try not to be careful with what you are doing then.Especially, when you are driving your car, you can listen to music, talk phone with your girlfriend, and play Angry Bird. Sometimes you can drink beer or wine before you drive. This can help a lot.

Then you don’t need to do anything in the car. Your attention will be taken away automatically because you are drunk. Another easy method Is that you don’t have to eat anything. Actually, food Is very important for life.

There are three types of food: foods that build the body, foods that give strength and energy, foods that protect the body against diseases.Those foods, for example, are eggs, milk, bean, fish, meat, nut, rice, bread, corn, tomato, carrot, orange, pineapple, green vegetable, and mango. If you cannot stand not eating food at all, you can start little by little, step by step. But at least you have to escape from those three types of food and eat junk food or fast food such as pizza and French fries that can lead you to gain weight, heart disease and nutritional deficiency.

Try little by little until you can stop eating food. From then, stop eating for weeks, you will see the result.One more effective method Is that you don’t sleep. According to the Harvard Medical School’s report, scientists have gone to great lengths to fully understand the benefits of sleep. In studies of humans and other animals, they have discovered that sleep plays a critical role in immune function, metabolism, memory, learning, and other vital functions. The features in this section explore these discoveries and describe specific ways in which we all benefit from sleep. So how about not having enough sleep?Dry Simon Kyle said that “Like breathing, sleep is a fundamental human requirement.

It has even been said that one could survive for three times as long experiments on this subject found that depriving rats entirely of sleep resulted in their death, or near-dying state, within 11-32 days”. You can see that this method is very easy. Stay up all night, and you will see the result. One more ultimate method is to try to make yourself stressful. I think not much people can do this.

It is, I can say, a professional level that requires much patience to do it.Stress is caused by many ways such as being unhappy in your Job, having a heavy workload or too much responsibility, working long hours, having poor management, unclear expectations of your work, working under dangerous conditions, being insecure about your chance for advancement or risk of termination, paving to give speeches in front of colleagues, facing discrimination or harassment at work, especially if your company isn’t supportive, and emotional problems (depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt, low self-esteem) as well.There are, as mentioned, many ways to make yourself stressful. By the way, the result of stress consists of heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression and anxiety, accelerated aging, and premature death. A study looked at the health effects of stress by studying elderly caregivers looking after their spouses people who are eternally under a great deal of stress. It found that caregivers had a 63% higher rate of death than people their age who were not caregivers.So now you can see how effective it is to accelerate your age and makes you dead before age.

Although people nowadays cannot die easily, we still can find the solution for them. These methods of solution such as not to be careful, no eat, no sleep, and stress are very effective for you to die sooner. You can either choose one or all of them to practice. And I guarantee that you will die very soon.