How to Help the Enviroment

How to Help the Environment In the world today, 4 trees are cut down every passing second; 360 every minute; 19,200 every hour; 460,800 every day; and over 11 billion every year. Unfortunately, Trees are constantly neglected and are cut down for fuel, ships, houses, etc.

Because of this, Earth along with mankind is suffering from massive deforestation, which leads to species extinction, global warming, soil degradation, and loss of vaccines/ medicine and biodiversity.To prevent this from happening and to help and conserve he earth’s trees, people must recycle & re-use, plant trees, and reduce deforestation. To start with, recycling is extremely helpful to the environment. It reduces the garbage placed in landfills, which helps the environment by reducing the need for new landfills, and pollution, where landfills emit polluted gases.

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It also saves energy consumption because it uses less energy than manufacturing products from virgin sources (like paper vs.. Ewe wood). In addition, the cost benefits are plenty. Extra energy savings are conserved because more energy is required to extract, transport ND process raw materials ready for industry compared with providing industry- ready materials, and recycling leaves or grass is a cheap and great way to make compost.

Nobody denies that planting trees is one of easiest yet best way to help the environment.Re-planting the trees after it’s cut down is a much better & safer method than the slash-and-burn technique, which damages the soil and makes it unusable. Not to mention, trees are necessary for Earth. It helps fight global warming and climate change, and even provides resources for fuel, medicines, fruits, building trials and timber.

Furthermore, it allows a more hospitable environment for growing food by improving soil productivity and providing shade.Undoubtedly, deforestation are increasing everyday, threatening our climate. Consequently, it threatens the millions of species who depend on rainforest’s for food and economic activity as well. In the light of biodiversity, it is easy to see that forests are extremely significant. They serve as habitats to rare and undiscovered animal and plant species including those used for vaccines/medicine. Sadly, people take Reese for granted.They don’t realize that without trees, animals will have no homes, food, or safety from predators, and once these animals, insects, or plants die out because of a disruption in the food chain (from the extinction of one species), the loss of genetic diversity is permanent. To stop deforestation, people must realize the repercussions and stop cutting down trees.

Ultimately, the end of deforestation lies thorough people’s actions. So to preserve biodiversity, help eradicate global warming, and heal the environment and Earth