How to manage employees

The competition between the enterprises In the final analysis Is competition.

How to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, make employees more loyal to the enterprise, to finish the work? The competition between the enterprises in the fall analysis is competition. How to effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, make employees more loyal to the enterprise, to finish the work, is each enterprise leaders and often pointless to solve a problem. A, focusing on concepts Before that the management position, politicians will employees as a tool, the feudal eternalness should be abandoned.Instead, respect employees’ personal values, understanding the specific needs of employees, to adapt to the Labor market supply and demand mechanism, based on the principle of two-way choice, reasonable design and implement new staff management system. Will be as important capital enterprise, is the basis for competitive advantage, this kind of idea and will be implemented in the system of the enterprise, leadership style, management of the remuneration of employees.

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Second, set high goals Retain talent Is the key: Increasing requirements, provide a new opportunity for them.Everyone wants to win, love challenges are common symptoms of outstanding employees, if the enterprise can continuously put forward higher goals, they will leave. As a manager, you will realize that when employees to grow, they need more use their minds to help companies and recognized opportunities. So you have to create and design challenges opportunities to stimulate people to pursue the higher performance. Only when employees feel In the work can get constant support, to be able to constantly learn new things, and they will stay loyal to the enterprise more. Three, often exchange No one likes to be kept in the dark.

Ere will be many of his employees and view, although there are correct, there are not correct. So, among employees, between employees and leaders often need to communication, consult the opinions of the employees for the company development, listen to staff put forward questions, and according to these comments and questions about your pollen – what Is acceptable? What Is not acceptable? Why Is that? If you have any difficulties, enterprises should open the difficulties, at the same time workers that companies want to get their help, remember – paper is can fire, employees want to understand the truth.Four, authorization, the authorization and authorization Authorization Is we think the most effective incentive methods in management, authorization means that let employees at the grass-roots level to make the right decision, means that you trust him, means that he and you take responsibility at the same time, when a person is trust, the more work will burst into enthusiasm and creativity. So, we suggest that not every decision made by management, completely don’t yourself to do what may authorize, management personnel shall bear is the role of supporters and coach.Five, the coaching staff career development Every staff about personal development ideas, and all think their ideas are correct. It Is wise for every employee to make a suitable for personal development plan.

We employee performance, what is the career development goals of his heart, and help them to know their own strengths and weaknesses, set realistic goals and ways to achieve objectives in support of the staffs career planning, and then try to cultivate and foster them. That is not in the light of the concrete ideas and employee needs, all the education and training to the employees is unwise.Six, let employees involved Increasingly found in the practical work, we have the best ideas are often those who directly involved in the task execution. Let involved employees and employees is very important to know your opinion of them. Employees don’t want to be simple commands and instructions, they want to work in more meaningful and more important role, they are eager to participate in decision making. When employees want to participate in, and you don’t give him the chance, they will alienate the management and the whole organization.If you are able to respect employees’ view, even if ultimately did not adopt their recommendations. You will find that they will be more willing to support your decision.

Seven, keep his promise Maybe you don’t remember who had inadvertently to make any promises, or do you think the promise is not important. But you must remember that you will remember that you promised to their employees every thing. As a leader you, any seemingly small behavior will affect the rest of the organization at any time.You want to alert to these effects, if you made a promise, you should be responsible for the.

If you have to change plans, you want to staff to explain this change. If you don’t have or not articulated change reason, they will think you break your word, this often happens, employees will lose trust in you. Loss of trust usually leads to employees lose their loyalty. For more than eight, employees A sense of accomplishment can motivate staff work enthusiasm, meet the needs of individual internal.We’ve come to the conclusion that in the long-term work reward points below: Public reward standard. To make employees understand the cause of the reward standard and others are rewarded. Given in the form of public praise and reward. Recognize and reward if not openly, not only lose its effect, and will cause a lot of gossip.

Reward honest attitude and don’t overdo it, and don’t reform. Reward limitation is important. Reward what Just happened, not forgotten things, otherwise it will greatly weaken the influence of the reward.Nine, allowed to fail A beneficial attempt to the employee trust and support, they can help our enterprise innovation. Don’t let employees punished them failure, failure of employees have to feel very sad, we should be more emphasis on the positive, encouraging them to continue to work hard.

At the same time, to help them learn to study in the failure, and together they look for the cause of the failure, discusses the solution. Criticism or enmeshment beneficial attempt is to stifle innovation, the results are no longer willing to try new employees.Ten, to set up the specification To enter into a strict management system to regulate the behavior of employees is necessary for every business, we can all do a detailed Job description workers, make every employee know oneself should do, report to the who, what is right, what responsibility.

Of course this restriction should not be too strict, but must have. To establish a reasonable specification, employees will be within the scope of the provisions of the act. When beyond the prescribed scope, should ask employees to