How to Prepare for a Tornado

Tornadoes are winds that are rotating and whirling around. 2. Tornadoes form when a supersede thunderstorm’s cold alarm mixes with the warm air In a set pattern. The warm air has to rise while the cold alarm drops. After that the warm alarm starts to spin and forms the funnel cloud that comes out of the sky. Steps to prepare before a tornado: 1. Prepare your family: a. Have an emergency plan with escape routes.

B. Have Important documents In a safe location. C.Make sure communication is discussed. D.

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Know the closest safe location (esp.. : Shelters, Evacuation centers). 2. Prepare your house: a. Have an emergency kit. B. Have a safe room.

C. Arrange furniture and secure household items. Steps to prepare during a storm: 1.

Know what to watch for: a. Skies turning dark. B. Rotation.

C. Continuous thunder, sounds of trains, or Jets. D. Hail or heavy rain followed by quiet or calm conditions after or before a storm. E. Twirling debris on the ground Blue-green or white flashes in the distance.

Stay informed: 2. Listen to the weather. A. B.

Watch the news. . Have a NOAA radio and extra AAA batteries. D.

Find out about tornado sirens In your neighborhood. Listen for tornado watches and warnings: 3. Tornado Watches: Conditions are right for development. Tornado Warnings: Tornado Is on the ground and has been sighted. C.

Tornado Emergency: A warning has been Issued and It Is heading toward a high population location. D. Severe Thunderstorm Warning: Thunderstorm Is In the vicinity. Steps to prepare for when a tornado strikes: a.

Secure Structures: Find the most interior room, away from windows or anything that can fall. The best place is the basement. B. Mobile Homes: Offer little protection, get to the nearest secure structure. C. Car: Attempt to drive too shelter. If unable to get to the shelter park the car. Stay in the car with your seat belts fasten and head tuck below the windows.

D. Open field: Lay flat on the ground with your head covered. ***Never try to out run a tornado*** 2. Wait it out: a. Do not leave your location until you are sure the storm has passed.

Make sure it is safe. C. Do not go outside if it is still windy. Steps to prepare for after a tornado: 1. Take care of any injuries: a. Take care of minor scrapes and bumps with a first aid kit. B.

When it is safe for major injuries. Seek medical help 4. 5.

6. 7. Shut off utilities: Shut off all utilities (esp.. : Gas, Electric, Water. ) Inspect any damage: Use a flash light to inspect the damage in your home.

Note all but mostly structural damage. Seek an evacuation shelter if needed: If your home is not structurally safe.