How to solve tardiness

The airwaves,the book store,the U. S congress were filled dire warning to the abyss. Indeed,those who refuse to lose their heads were said to suffer from physiological disorder “Physic numbing” it was called.

Ten years later, with nuclear weapons still capable of destroying the world,many times over not a world about the coming apocalypse. The fever has passed. But not the propensity for fever. With nuclear apocalypse now at fashion, we have catastrophe, overpopulation and resource depletion. Do not misunderstand.

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There Is still a nuclear problem.There are environmental problems. But there Is deference between a problem and panic _ The next time you find yourself in midst of some hysteria, remember that tulip craze that sweep Holland three centuries ago, an orgy of panicked financial speculation in which land and house and gold where all traded for..

.. Tunics.

At mania peak, a single simper Augustus tulip cupful fetch 20 town houses. In the old Soviet union, which routinely rewrote and rearrange history to fit Its political needs, there was assaying. In Russian, it Is Impossible to predict the true. O when confronted with the apocalypse du Joe, keep your head. Look outward, you have been rightly taught Socrates’ dictum unexamined life OSI not worth living either. Perhaps previous ages suffer from lack of self-examination.

The Age of Opera does not. One of the defining features of modernity is self- consciousness; psychological self-consciousness as practiced in the interior, self referential, self absorbed world of a modern fiction. The Story Is told of the sultan who awoke In the middle odd the night and summoned the “Wizard”, he said “my sleep is troubled.Tell me: What is holding up earth? “Majesty” replied the wizard, “the earth rests on the back of a giant elephant”. The Sultan was satisfied and went back to sleep. He then awoke in a cold sweat and summoned the wizards “Wizard” he said, what is holding up the elephant? ” The wizard looked at him and said “The Elephant strands on the back of the giant turtle. And you can’t stop right there Majesty.

It’s turtles all the way down.