How to Write a Birthday Invitation that Gets the Guests Excited?

Birthdays are one of those events which are highly enjoyable and a lot of fun for everyone.

Having a birthday party is the best way to celebrate and show them that you love and care for them. Such a birthday doesn’t need to be really big where you spend a lot of cash and invite people from all around time, instead it can be small and intimate. But whichever party you are planning to throw, you need to make sure that you send out birthday invitations.

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The need for learning how to make a birthday invitation becomes all the more dire when you are planning to make it yourself as opposed to getting it made. My suggestion to you is to make a birthday invitation yourself because then you will be able to add fun things to it and show the birthday person that you really love them and that is why you are making the effort. The following tips will tell you just how to approach the topic of making birthday invitations in such a way that your guests will be waiting for the day.

Write Your Own Information

When you are making the birthday invitation yourself, you have two options, either you can write the information on the invitation yourself or you can go to someone and get it printed on the cards.

In my view it is better to write on the invitation cards yourself because this will once again give a personal and special touch to it.

Put in the Correct Information

When you are inviting people to a birthday party, you need to be sure that they are given the proper information so that they reach the party. The information that needs to be put into the invitation card is the exact date, the time, the place, the name of the person whose birthday party it is, the name and number of the person in the RSVP and also the type or kind of party you are planning to throw.

Specify if it is a surprise party

If you are throwing a surprise party then you need to mention this in the invitation card as your guests need to be there before the birthday person. You should also specify if you are having a special party like a formal or costume party.

State the people you are inviting

It is very important to include in the birthday invitation who exactly you are inviting.

If you are inviting the whole family then say so in the card. If you are throwing a birthday party for your child and only want to invite his friends then mention this in your birthday invitation.