How to Write a Complaint Letter – Important Points

Complaint letters are serious letters. Not many people would like to write such letters but sometimes they have to in order to inform a company about how their services have troubled them. Often some people don’t complain at all. This way the company at fault won’t even realize the problems that people may possibly have experienced. Remember that most of the time such legal complaint letters result in benefiting you and other people who avail the services of the concerned company.

Moreover, these letters can be beneficial for the writer too as it helps him/her reduce their overwhelming grudge or resentment towards the company about their poor treatment. Once the complaint letter is written and mailed to the concerned company remember that you will definitely feel a little more confident in yourself. You will definitely feel that you actually have done something significant rather than averting your eyes from the issue. Nonetheless, properly composed and effective complaint letter actually makes the authority to solve the problem ASAP. Many companies which are not aware of the problems that their services might have caused to their precious customers or consumers often send an apology letter when they receive complain letters from their customers. This makes the customers feel at ease and it also wipes out their resentment toward the company.

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Important Points Send Directly to Person In charge It is integral that the complaint letter must be sent directly to the person who is in charge of that particular department. Before sending the letter, ensure that you have inserted the name and email address properly. If you really want a serious response you should send the letter to the company’s VP or the director. You can get the name and email of the concerned person from the company’s official website. Brief and Succinct Letter Remember that when it comes to writing a formal letter to any company or organization it is important to keep it brief and succinct.

It is because the officers or directors of a company do not have enough time to read a three to four page letter. Therefore, keep it short and to the point. If at all possible do not let your complaint letter cover more than one page. Write Subject Never forget to write a subject or a headline on your complaint letter. A subject on a letter helps the reader in identifying the purpose of the letter. Make it easy for the reader to find out what you are complaining for. Explain the Problem Explain the problem to the recipient of the complaint letter in a respectful and positive tone.

Do not let your anger ruin your complain. Write the letter with a calm mind. Explain them the situation or the problems you have gone through because of their poor service or treatment. If possible, include the date and time and the name of the people you dealt with. Writing a complaint letter is not that difficult if you are a confident and a persistent person.

So use the above guidelines and write a letter to make the company at fault take immediate action.