How to Write a Lesson Plan for Young Children

Writing a lesson plan is not only very difficult but also backbreaking.

It is just like formulating a plan to carry out certain tasks. Lesson plan writing requires not only discipline, impulsiveness and patience but also creativity, and a lot of it. Because of this reason many teachers don’t like the idea of formulating a lesson plan for their class as they fear that they would strangle any motivational drive their precious pupils have.

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Still discipline and an organized teaching plan are very necessary for running any sort of class, regardless if it is arts, science or mathematics. Remember that to be successful at your teaching job you have to device an organize lesson plan beforehand so that you can clearly present the information to your precious students and help them learn genuinely.If you want to learn how to write a lesson plan follow the below listed guidelines.

  • It is very important that you first understand your precious preschoolers carefully.

    Since you are making the lesson plan for young children, it is integral that you first understand them, their psychology, their emotions and how they react to certain things. You have to design the plan keeping in view their abilities. Certainly you cannot include a 6 graders task into a 4 year-old lesson plan.

  • Choose a specific task and work on fitting it into the lesson plan. It is advisable and better to focus on each task separately. You won’t be able to make a good plan while focusing on a group of tasks or activities. Instead make a list of activities or tasks that you want to include in the plan and assess each activity separately.

  • Set your goals. Determine what you want to accomplish by setting up lesson plan for the preschoolers. This will help you in devising the plan in accordance with those goals.
  • To understand how to formulate best plans it is necessary that you must check out the lesson plans of some schools. This way you will be able to understand how these plans are made and what are the important elements that are needed to form these plans. Also check out some educational websites or other educational resources to see what type of activities you can include into the plan to help the young children develop their skills and abilities.

Remember that young children never sit around at one place but they tend to keep moving here and there. So you have to include such an activity in your plan that can keep them involved during the class.

  • It is also important to submit your lesson plan to the school’s committee to let them assess it before implementing. An assessment is necessary by the school’s committee in order to ensure whether the activities included in the plan are suitable for the preschoolers or not.

Once your lesson plan is accepted and implemented in your class, you will definitely notice the difference and you will also see that your students will enjoy your class even more.