How to Write a Mission Statement

It is highly essential for every successful business to write a complete and attractive mission statement in order to show the readers the main goals or objectives of the company. This statement is pertinent to each individual who is linked with the company since it is a joint statement. This statement is used to inform everyone in the company about what the company signifies and what its objectives are.

Following is the list of some important and distinct types of mission statements:

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Non-Profit Mission Statement:

This particular type of mission statement is only written by social and non-profit firms or organizations. These particular statements explain to the readers the main purpose, objectives and standards of these organizations.

Fun Committee Mission Statement:

This unique type of statement is generally composed by the fun committee of an organization. It describes the numerous fun or extra-curricular activities that help the organization boost the morale of its employees and how to maintain it.

Business Mission Statement:

A commercial business statement is composed for huge business enterprises, small businesses and acquisitions to explain the readers the long and short term goals of the business. These statements are quite different from non-profit and fun-committee statements.

Personal Mission Statement:

These statements are written by individuals. Here the writer draws the attention of the readers towards his/her priorities in life and the goals that he/she has set in mind. A personal mission statement also highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the writer.Not every individual can write a mission statement. In fact many people avoid writing a mission statement on their own and seek a professional to write it as per their instructions. Writing a mission statement is certainly a very important responsibility of every business. It is the mission statement that allows you to tell your investors, consumers, suppliers or your employees about the products and services and the goal of your company.

Mission Statement Format

Keep in mind that the mission statement you write for your company must be kept to the point, brief, attractive and stimulating. No matter what kind of mission statement you write, just use the following format:Write the purpose: As the name suggests, here you will need to tell the audience the main purpose of the company.Write the essence of your business: Mention the main plans and techniques that you will use to accomplish your goals or objectivesWrite the principles of your company: Tell the audience about the main principles of your company that will drive it to its success.Writing a mission statement is so difficult that even many CEOs try not to tackle it on their own but ask a professional to do instead. Nonetheless, follow these critical pointers carefully to jot down an impressive statement.- If you are writing a business statement list down the main strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Also include the core of your business and the opportunities into that list.- Define the main objective of your company or organization. Tell them what your visions are.- Avoid incorporating any irrelevant details into the report as it will make it look amateurish.