How to Write a Wedding Invitation?

If you really want to impress your wedding guests then you have got to learn how to write a wedding invitation. An original and unique wedding invitation is so much better than the usual and boring pre-written invitation.

A wedding invitation which is original will make an impact on your guests because it will have your own voice in it and so it will show how much you will appreciate it if your guests could attend the wedding.If you want your guests to make it on your wedding day, then you need to make sure to send the wedding invitation out at least six week before the event. The reason why this is recommended is because this will your guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements and make it on time. So, if you are a bride or groom or a close relation to the couple, then it is important that you get started on them. Read below to know how to write a wedding invitation that is influential and great.

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  1. The very first thing that you must do is to think about who is going to be announcing the wedding or throwing it. This might include the parents of the bride or groom, or the couple themselves.

    Keep in mind that it is very important that you decide this before hand as this will help you with writing the wedding invitation.

  2. Different couples have different views and so you also need to decide if you want to keep the invitation formal or not. Remember that there is only a slight difference between casual and formal and if you are planning on an informal invitation then you need to be classy yet casual.

  3. Now that you are done with that, make sure you write where the ceremony is going to be held. Here, once again it depends on you how you want to be, either formal or informal. Use the phrases according to the setting. Don’t turn form one minute and informal the next, your invitation will not have the structure that it needs.
  4. If you are a more of traditional type of a person and want to go with that then you can list the bride’s or groom’s name after you have mentioned the name of his/her parents.

    The format will be the same as any other wedding invitation.

  5. Once you have mentioned all of this in your wedding invitation, you now need to write the full date, in words in the card. You also need to mention the correct time of the ceremony or reception like ten o’clock or so. If you like you could also mention that you would appreciate if the guests arrive on time.

  6. You have given the name of the place of the ceremony, but you also need to give a full address of the location too. If you like, you can even enclose a map indicating the address so the guests don’t get lost and arrive late. Also, include your or anyone else’s phone number so the guests can call them.