How to Write an Action Plan

Among millions of teams in the world, there are many that work well by first visualizing what they are going to do in the future. This very skill sets them apart from the rest of teams as they perform their highest when they are executing the task at hand. The way they do this is through making a good and effective action plan.If you are the team lead of a project then it is very important that you learn the skill of planning and so you need to learn how to write an action plan. Keep in mind that these are essentially just a number of steps and it really depends on you and your team how you execute the action plan.

The action plan will set everything in perspective but the future of the project depends on you and how you execute the action plan.

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  1. Write down the goals of the project or the things you want to achieve. It is very important that you list down the measurable details as things can be confusing once you have started with the project. Also keep in mind to make a plan that is realistic and attainable. Write down the specific time when the task is meant to be complete.

  2. List the activities that will help to achieve the listed goal. Don’t put in anything which is not a necessity because the time and effort of each of your team members is precious. This step needs to be highly though through as many of the larger activities are left out because of the smaller ones. When you go through the activities, they need to accumulate and give you the final desired result or goal.
  3. Now that you have separated the activities, it is time for you to assign responsibility of each of them to your team members. Each of the members will be responsible for one task and will also be held accountable for it. If you have a large team them it isn’t necessary that every person does something but instead you can also appoint someone to keep watch and make sure that the work is being done.
  4. Set a timeline.

    To be professional and do everything in a timely manner, you need to divide each task and the time period in which it needs to be completed. These dates should be that of when the work is being done and also when it is being implemented. Don’t give more than one task to the members as this will make him/her compromise the quality not just of one but of two or more tasks. Create something that can be achieved, be realistic!

  5. Set up meetings for review. It solely depends on you whether you want to conduct meetings on a daily or weekly basis but it is recommended that you do them every day so you can know the progress that is going on. The meetings don’t need to be detailed but should only focus on any specific problems that the team members are having.