How to Write an Impressive Wedding Toast

A wedding is a special day not just for the bride but also a life changing event for the groom too. Everyone looks forward to their wedding day and wants it to be perfect and happy. Making that day special will depend a little about you too if you plan to attend the reception of the wedding.

This is because you will be responsible for giving a wedding toast, the job gets even more challenging but necessary if you are an immediate family member of the bride or groom.Luckily, I have gone through the internet and landed on some great tips for how to write a wedding toast, these tips are easy to understand and they will save you from any embarrassment while you are giving the wedding toast.

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  • Get Inspired

Before you start to work on your toast, it is very important that you get inspired. The way you can easily do this is by going through some popular sites where there will be wedding toasts available to you. But something that you need to remember is that even though you might be tempted, don’t copy and paste any of the toasts because then yours won’t be special and unique.

  • Get started

Your first step of course, will be to introduce yourself. The bride and groom will of course know who you are but chances are that the rest of the guests don’t and so you need to tell them. This is a mandatory step especially if the wedding party or reception is large.

Also, let the guests know if you are from the bride’s or groom’s side.

  • Tell what you know of the bride and groomIf you are not an immediate family member of the bride or groom, then you need to focus on them as a couple. Talk about how lovely it is to see them together and how you have seen their relationship develop and finally bloom.
  • Include Quotes

A good way to make your toast interesting is to include a quote that best fits with the wedding or the bride and groom. You can find many such quotes on the internet, use them wisely.

  • Don’t play smart

A major reason why people suck at toasts is because they tend to act over smart when they are delivering it. Don’t make this same mistake unless and until you are sure that your jokes will be appreciated.

  • Talk to the bride and groom and not to all the guests

Even though you might feel that it is your responsibility to entertain the guests, you must remember that you are there for the bride and groom and so you need to direct the toast to them.

Also, keep in mind to share only happy memories and not stories about ex lovers and such.

  • End your toast

The ending of your toast will be a good compliment and a best very best of luck for the future of the bride and groom. Next, invite all the guests of the evening to join you and raise a toast to the bride and groom.