How to Write Meeting Minutes?

What are meeting minutes?Basically speaking, meeting minutes are those that take note of what has happened in a meeting and also what needs to happen. Meeting minutes are created so that the employees who are working on the given object can stay focused and alert and their task and can know what needs to be done.A very major role of the meeting minutes is that they don’t leave room for any misunderstandings or disagreements because they are a recorded document. This is the reason why it is essential that you learn how to write meeting minutes that are effective and give clear information about what each employee needs to do.

  •  If you are the one who is taking the meeting minutes then make sure that you are not an important person in the meeting. It goes without saying that you will not be able to concentrate on both sides and so you will either compromise on the quality of the meeting minutes or the things that are being discussed in the meeting. So, always remember to just focused on one task, if you are not available to take the meeting minutes then ask someone else to do it for you.

  • Meeting minutes don’t need to be taken down necessarily with a pen; it really depends on what you are comfortable with. If you think that you are better at typing then you can always just use a laptop to note things down. You can also use a recorder for later feedback and notes.

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  • Stay prepared before the meeting starts. This means that you will have to take down the necessary details, like the project name, the data, the time, the reason for meeting, the project’s team lead and other such important features. Leave the rest of the page for the notes that you are going to be taking in the meeting minutes.
  • To ensure that the above given step goes through smoothly, you need to make sure that you get as much information from the host before the meeting as possible.

    He will be able to tell you about what the project is about, the team leader and other such important information.

  • Do not write in the details of the meeting, if you do this then you will only take down a few things and miss out the rest of the important information. Only take down the notes and you can improvise on them later after the meeting.

    Concentrate on the nature of the meeting and what has been discussed.

  • Write the discussions of the meeting in a timely manner and in according as it has occurred. If there is something that you haven’t been able to grasp in the meeting then be sure to ask the team lead for clarification.
  • Go through the notes after the meeting is done with. Listen to the recording and add any details you might have missed out. It is important that you do this immediately after the meeting so that you can still do it when it is fresh in your mind.
  • Send the copies to the project members and make sure to keep a copy with you so that you can resend them if anybody needs them later.