However, created more friction by telling African countries

  However, congress has the power to create astoppage bill so that they will have more time to come up with a solution. Oncethe bill is passed, it will help keep the government running. “The House approved astopgap spending bill on Thursday night to keep the government open pastFriday, but Senate Democrats — angered by President Trump’s vulgar aspersionsand a lack of progress on a broader budget and immigration deal — appearedready to block the measure” (Kaplan Stolberg). The president created morefriction by telling African countries that they are ‘shithole countries’.

Thepresident plays an important role in this country and should not be sayingthings like that. “This ultimately ledto Democrats hoping to bargain with the House on several other issues such as;deportation, increasing domestic spending, aiding Puerto Rico in their reliefefforts and expanding the government’s response to the opioid crisis.” (KaplanStolerg). Additionally, shutdowns don’t necessarily have set amount of days of howlong they last. If this shutdown lasts pass the 1st of February,this would affect programs that are funded by the government for example; themilitary, civilian contractors, national parks, passport renewals offices,loans businesses, gun permits, and more government ran businesses.

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Ultimately,the working class that it wouldmake a huge effect on is the lower and middle working class. The reason behindthat is because they will not be having paychecks coming in to them and somepeople live paycheck to paycheck.  Throughout the world, the federal government is being affected becauseof the government shutdown. During this period of time, the reporters usuallyreport on the federally funded programs. Government shutdowns could happen yearly, due to the Senate and House ofRepresentatives voting on how federal agencies are being funded. This year theshutdown occurred on the 20th of January 2018. The Government Shutdown