HTWW Information report   – Nuclear energy

Have you ever wondered how the power of nuclear energy can impact our world today? If so this information report is suited for you.

In this report you will be learning all about the wonders of nuclear energy and of the positives and negatives of nuclear energy and the destruction nuclear energy can unleashing. After reading this report you will be able to know how nuclear power is produced and how much one power plant can produce .

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In this section you will probably learn some new vocabulary and finding out the definition for example a moderator, fuel elements and control rods. Before we can talk about the effects of nuclear energy you have to understand how nuclear energy is produced. That’s why we are starting of by going into how nuclear energy is made.

Nuclear energy Case Study

The creation of nuclear energy. One of the most important parts of nuclear energy is nuclear fission fission. Nuclear fission is the process where a neutron hits a uranium 235 atom and the atom split into to pieces and will realise 1 to 3 neutrons atoms are stored inside of the fuel elements. The fuel elements are one of the three main components inside of the reactor. The other two components are called the control rods and the moderator.They all work in an almost perfect harmony where the fuel elements and the control rods rest inside of the moderator while the fuel elements Create hold the uranium 235 atoms which will cause the process Nuclear fission. When nuclear fission occurs it causes an atom to split into two smaller atoms and also letting out 1 to 3 neutrons. Near the area of nuclear fission it gets very hot 100 million kelvins to be exact which is six times hotter than the core of the sun.

The moderator is a tank of water that is used to slow down the movement of the atom so it is more likely that the neutrons that just came out from a recent nuclear fission would hit one of the atoms that are floating around in the water. The water exponentially increases the chance of atoms and neutrons colliding . The final essential thing in the harmony is the control rods. The main reason control rods are in place is to store all of the spare neutrons.These types of control rods are usually made of cadmium or boron. These rods control the amount of nuclear fission happens inside of the reactor. A steady amount of nuclear fission is achievable by adding or removing control rods. The control rods job is to keep a chain reaction going.

There are also some still vital parts like the pressuriser that keeps the water boiling even though it is past the boiling point at 570 fahrenheit 298.9c. All of the water goes in the reactor area goes in a constant cycle because it has already been in contact with direct radiation. The water goes into a heat exchanger which is usually in the shape of a U when the water goes through the tube any water near the tube starts boiling. The steam is fed through an array of pipes to the turbine buildings where the steam is first put into one high pressure turbine and then is usually fed to two Low pressure turbines which are all connected to a generator which in turn creates ac electric energy. The steam then will be converted back to liquid form with a condenser which is where a cooling tower unit comes in. After the water is condensed the water goes back to the steam room to get evaporated again.

Nuclear energy how to work a nuclear reactor A nuclear reactor is very powerful and very expensive but I have not talked about how people use a nuclear reactor. The most important part of a nuclear power plant is its core the core of a reactor is very powerful.The person who works there has a very important job, the job to make sure that the core does not overload because if the core does overload the results are catastrophic. The events that follow could be a problem for everyone. The Nuclear reactor can cause so much catastrophe so it is good to have new facilities in the USA the average age of nuclear reactors are 35 years old and that is coming close to their permits expire. Nuclear power plants also need to be safe because at nuclear power plants you could get radiation sickness and the nuclear waste can cause more problems. These reasons are why nuclear reactor workers get paid so much. In New York they expect the some of the highest paid salaries in the city about 83530 dollars a year. The job also pays 36 percent more than local jobs. In a nuclear power plant there are from 400 to 700 workers.

Depending on how big the plant is. A lot of people oppose nuclear energy over the false belief that nuclear energy is bad for the world. They believe since nuclear power is made from uranium even though the effects of nuclear energy is tiny compared to coal energy .

The effects of nuclear energy both positive and negative. Let’s start this section on a good note by talking about the positives of using nuclear energy . Nuclear energy may not be a renewable resource but it does not emit any greenhouse gases so it is already cleaner than coal and oil . Did you know one fifth of America’s homes are being powered by nuclear energy. In the world 11% of energy is made by nuclear power. One reactor in America called the south Texas project 2 created a record breaking 11.8billion kilowatt-hours of energy in a year and a simple light bulb 100 watts and using a light bulb for an hour is 100 kilowatt-hour. That is only just one reactor in the USA there are 133 reactors. So it is no surprise that so many homes get powered by nuclear energy. Another reason people like nuclear power is because of its reliability we still have a lot of time with nuclear energy because the world still has a lot of uranium left to give unlike the other renewable energy sources like wind and solar depend too much on the conditions that are happening while the non renewable resource are damaging the planet way to quickly before anyone can find a solution.

The earth has a lot more uranium than it has coal or oil because coal and oil only have less than 50 years left on this planet. Now we are moving on to the negative effects of nuclear power. The first and most obvious reason is a nuclear power plant meltdown. In Ukraine on April 26 1986 a reactor was inadequate so it exploded 46 people died 31 in the accident and 15 from radiation.another reason why people don’t like to use nuclear energy is because nuclear energy has a lot of power and with it bad people can make weapons and nuclear power plants are prime targets for terrorist attack. If the knowledge of nuclear power goes into the wrong hands the world would be having on a thread.

As I stated earlier the resource uranium is finite and very expensive to mine some nuclear power plants cost billions to be of the larger reasons people don’t Want to use nuclear energy is because of its radioactive waste. In one year there is 2000 metric tons of waste and huge amount of the that number is radioactive and harmful to people and plants.

Conclusion Nuclear energy has its cons but in my opinion nuclear energy is can make up its danger with its efficiency because after reading this you would know that nuclear energy make 10% of the world’s energy so it is almost impossible to think about the world without nuclear energy. The impact of nuclear energy is huge without nuclear energy we would be burning fossil fuels extremely fast. As promised in the introduction this report walked you through how nuclear energy is produced and how it affects living things. Nuclear energy is the energy source of the future!Key termsFuel elements Fuel elements rods are what holds the uranium atoms that causes the nuclear fission. Which will heat up the water to create steam to in turn spin a generator.ModeratorA moderator is used to slow down all of the uranium 235 atoms which allows their to be a higher chance of the neutron hitting a uranium atom.

The moderator is a water tank. The reason it slows down the atoms is because when the atom hits a water molecule it makes it is like when someone rolls a ball and someone else starts blocking the ball from moving.Control rodsControl rods are used to store all of the spare neutrons. These types of control rods are usually made of cadmium or boron . These rods control the amount of nuclear fission happens. A steady amount of nuclear fission is achievable by adding or removing control rods.