Human Resource Managemnt

Management (HARM) deals with organization’s methods and procedures for managing people to enhance skills and motivation. (Ecuador (Bibb’ Stewart & Woods (1996); Zimmerman (April 2001). In other words, when an organization wants to achieve a goal, It Is very Important that people work together to in order achieve that goal.HARM role deals to address the issues of people who work for the organization in terms of bringing them into the company for hiring purposes, helping the employee with their performance management and to motivate them to o their work, compensating them for their efforts (compensation, safety, wellness, benefits) and solving the problems that arises (providing procedures). This also involves those non-HRS managers in developing and implementing HRS practices by supervising non-managerial workers directly and having to report straight to the middle managers.Supervisors involve themselves in areas like helping in defining jobs, provide training, Interview and select preferable candidates, appraise performance, recommendation of pay Increase and promotion, communicating leslies and motivating employees with the support from pay benefits and other rewards. In order to be successful In HARM, a few skills will be needed since the knowledge that an individual has is not enough.

The first one is human relation skills.This skill involves the supervisors to encourage, motivate and treat everyone fairly in order for the workers to work properly as a team. The skill deals with behaviors which is a very important because in order for people to work together as a team, they will need to respect and understand one another. Thus, the human elation skill is something from within a person’s inner self I.

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E. What a person feels or emotional feelings. The second type of skills needed is decision making.

This is the ability for supervisors to make wise and fair decisions that will surely help the organization to reach Its objectives. Furthermore, we have leadership. It Is the ability to always do things without being told to do so, Influence the workers to do better and having the courage to organize the employees to be able to work together and achieve organizational goals. Lastly we have technical skills. This skill requires the ability to solve problems that the manager or supervisor is ready and able to solve.For example, if there was something wrong with the computer in the office, the manager is able to fix whatever is wrong with it since he or she has learnt some computer techniques after some computer training.

Question 2: There are trends In the labor force composition which affects the human resource management. The Internal labor force which Is the employees who have contracts to work at the organization (None, et, al. , 2011).There Is also the external labor market which Is the people who are actively seeking employment (None, et, al.

, 20111. These trends include aging workforce, diverse workforce and skill deficiencies of the understanding, skill deficiency is the decreasing of knowledge or high skilled workers due to introduction of new technology and maybe downsizing. Most of the organizations nowadays are using computers to do their work since it is more reliable, updated, fast in performing different tasks at the same time, etc.Since employers have adapted to the new technologies, they require employees who have radiated from universities or colleges with a degree and it seems to be the basic requirement if an individual is looking for a very good Job that comes along with a good pay. Additionally since there will be more sophisticated technology in the workforce, the employers will want to rely on those people who have more intelligence, skills and knowledge in order to satisfy their needs for the organization.Therefore companies may also find difficulty in finding the right people for their work since there are only a few people with so much intelligence to do or operate their amputees.

Thus, people should make sure that they take up at least some kind of a computer class in whatever university or school that they will attend Just so that they have some knowledge and maybe easy for them to be accepted into an organization.There is a bigger chance that Question 4: Downsizing in my own understanding, is the decrease in number of people in a particular organization. According to None, et al. , 2011, downsizing is the planned elimination of large numbers of personnel with the goals of enhancing the organization’s competitiveness.

It is done because there is technology to do most of the work, it is less valuable (redundant), being outsourced and lastly to control cost or maybe reduce it.I think most downsizing campaigns have failed to live up to expectations because of not implementing good organizational plans, and since a lot of people live the workforce, the ones remaining are usually left with extra work to do and are confused since there will be less people to do the work. So since most of the employees have left, others might feel like they are going to be next in line so they are stressed out. Since downsizing affects human beings, it may live them to be worried about how they might get Jobs on the future and how they will support their families.Also, it affects the organization with its production being slow since there will not be a lot of employees to complete the task on time. Fortunately, this process of downsizing could be improved both for employers and employees. In order for this adaptation, strategies could discuss for improvement. Some of the strategies could be one, reducing hours across the board, having pay cuts, being progressive with age emit and letting go of those who already want to live the workforce (but usually the good ones are the first to live).