Human Resources Task

The three possible alternatives that could be Implanted to resolve the whistle problem are as follows: [l The company could consider reproducing and repackaging the whistles since it did not meet the lead requirements.

The company could consider changing the market age group; the product could be targeted for kids above 8 years old. D The company could send the shipment to another country whose lead requirements meet the amount detected in the whistle.A. (2) Decision- Making Process The decision-making process that was used to develop the decision alternatives sites above to resolve the whistle problem was the decision making model #3. During this decision process the following steps provided guidelines that led to the selected alternatives: 1 .

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Identified the pending decision by outlining the desired goals and results 2. Listed possible options by gathering Information 3. The advantages and disadvantages of each option was considered 4.Chose the best option from the list created and carried It out 5. Evaluate the decision to ensure that the expected results will be achieved A. (3) Alternative Considerations Advantages Disadvantages Financial Considerations Legal Considerations Ethical Considerations Reproducing and Repackaging Lead free Safety Integrity Lost time Overtime Cost Overtime pay Avoid law suits Avoid fines Maintain company’s Integrity.Send Items with no changes Avoid reproduction Avoid Overtime Items returned Law suits Item may not sell Profit loss Fines Criminal charges Loss of integrity Employee turn over Ship to another country Company Exposure Business laws Honesty Integrity New client Lost time High shipping cost Lead requirements Reproducing and repackaging the whistles- If the company chooses to reproduce, he advantages the company will gain Is that the whistles will meet the legal lead requirements. The company will be sure that the new whistles will be safe of the community.

Some of the challenges the company may face is that they may have to require their production to work overtime; this might put a financial burden on the company because they will have to pay workers for overtime hours. However, in the legal aspect of it the company will avoid possible law suits and the criminal charges. Send whistles with no changes- If the company is able to send the items without paving to make changes, they will be able to avoid reproduction costs and overtime hours. There is the possibility that the information may be made aware to the consumers about the lead found in the whistles and the items may not sell.There is also the possibility that the buyer may send the items back, which will be a huge financial loss for the company. The company may lose future contracts with its current business partners and or other potential partners. The reputation of the company will be destroyed; no one will ever consider buying any product from them even if they do decide to make better ethical decisions in the future. The company will have to face legal charges and may have criminal charges brought up against them.

Shipping whistles to another country- The advantages the company gains from shipping to another country are promising.The company gains new business partners and becomes exposed to new and maybe better business options. The company avoids losing time with reproducing new whistles and the need for overtime will be eliminated. The shipping cost may be financially straining depending on where the company plans to ship the whistles to. The company will have to inquire about the lead requirements for the shipping location, if the proper information and research are not conducted then there is the possibility the items may also not sell with the new client.In order to build a solid business relationship with its new client, the company should maintain its integrity by providing all the necessary information. The company should be open, honest and forth coming with information regarding the amount of lead discovered in the whistles.

B. Alternate Recommendation The recommendation that will be suitable to resolve the whistle problem would be to produce and repackage the items. This will be the best alternative because if the company ships out the current batch knowing that the traces of lead found exceeds acceptable legal amount the company may face fines and possible law suits.B. (l) Recommendation Justification The reasons why this will be the best option for the company is listed as follows: The new product will be lead free and safe for use for the intended age group. The company eliminates the possibilities of fines and legal problems The company continues to maintain its integrity accompanied with good ethics practices The many will stand out amongst other company and will be known for always doing what is right at all costs The customers and business partners are confident that the company will always make their satisfaction and safety their top priority B.

2) Recommendation Analysis The decisions that a company makes effects not only the customers but the employees and partners are affected by the decisions as well. When a company effect and everyone is hit by it. A consumer wants to be assured that the company providing services to them will: Be reliable Be honest Abide with required laws and regulations Place their safety as a primary priority Not cut corners with products for the sake of profit The employees who work for the company are also considered to be customers, even though they are internal customers they have expectations that they require the company to fulfill.An individual wants to be certain that the company that they work for practices good business ethics.

A company that will follow the guidelines, standards and regulations set by both State and Federal laws regarding business ethics. An employee wants to work for an employer that will: Keep the morale of the employees up Set good examples for the employees to follow Be trustworthy Customers and employees have invested something into the company, I. E. Time, money and support, they expect their investment to have a successful outcome.

In order to fulfill the expectations of its customers the company will strive to conduct business fairly and morally right according the laws and regulations of business ethics. The decision to reproduce the whistles will have a positive outcome for the company with its customers, employees and the community. Customers with small children will be relieved about the company’s decision to reproduce the whistles cause the safety of their children could have been at risk if the company decided to distribute the whistles with lead in them.The company will be known for its integrity and will capture the interests of several individuals who may become interested in working for the company. 8. (3). Social Responsibility Social responsibility is an ethical theory that individuals and organizations are obligated to act on in order to benefit the society at large.

It is also a duty that every individual must perform to assure that the balance between the economy and the ecosystems are maintained. The toy company has demonstrated that it is socially responsible based on the decision about the whistles with lead.The company recognizes that allowing the whistles to be distributed will pose potential health risks, thus failing on its part to do what is right for the benefit of the society at large.

A company that is socially responsible demonstrates certain characteristics to show their care and value for the society. A company that values good business practices is being socially responsible. Listed below are some characteristics that define a socially responsible company.Maintaining a work environment that is founded on dignity and respect for all employees 0 Making the employees feel that their Jobs are important 0 Cultivates the full potential of its employees 0 Encouraging the individuals pursuit to balance work/life 0 Protecting the well- being of individuals and their families through compensation, benefits, policies and and yield success 0 Appreciates and recognizes the contributions of its employees Establishes and communicates the standards for ethical behavior and integrity that its employees must practice 0 Gets involved with community endeavors and public logic 0 Considers the human toll before making business decisions Social responsibility played an important role with final decision on what would be done about the whistle with lead. The effects of decision on the community were taken into consideration before the final decision was made.It is important that the community feel that their safety is not being taken for granted and that the company will do its very best not to compromise their safety in any manner. The company’s final decision on the whistle problem was to show the community the greatest value they place on the lives of the members of the community.

C. Actions In order for the company to ensure that it will continue to make ethical decisions at all levels within the company, the following policies will be implemented to assist the employees in achieving and maintaining this practice. The company will implement the use of an ethical decision model that will be utilized by employees on all levels of the organization when making ethical decisions. Below is a sample of the decision making model that will be used in the company.The second strategy that would be implemented by the company to ensure that all its employees have a strong foundation in ethical decision making will be to offer rhetorical training. Every year the company will provide mandatory training on the steps and effective strategies of making ethical decisions. To ensure that the employees have mastered this skill, during the annual evaluation an ethical problem will be posed and the employee is required to demonstrate the steps on how to reach a decision.

C. (l) Code of Ethics Codes of ethics are incorporated by companies to assist its employees to identify the difference between right and wrong and using the understanding to guide them with decision making.Most individuals learn the difference between right and wrong at n early age from their parents. A child may be taught that taking a cookie from the jar without asking is wrong. The child incorporates this rule and learns that stealing in any situation is wrong. The benefit of having a code of ethics is that is sets a positive and healthy corporate culture improves the morale among workers in the organization, which may increase productivity and employee retention; this, in turn, has financial benefits for the organization. Higher levels of productivity improve the efficiency in the company, while increasing employee retention reduces the cost of placing employees.

The incident with the whistles is an opportunity for the company to show that it lives by its code of ethics, and that every ethical decision the organization makes is based around its code of ethics. The whistle incident will prove to the company’s partners, customers and employees that the company does not only believe in its code of ethics but it lives by it. C . (2) Code of Ethics Analysis The company that I chose to analyze its code of ethics is Wall-Mart stores. I have about Wall-Mart is their popular logo with states to “expect more”.

Although this tenement is short in length, it delivers as strong and lasting messages to the customers. The statement could be interpreted to mean that each time you come to Wall-Mart, you should expect more savings.It could also mean that when you shop at Wall-Mart you should “expect more” customer friendliness. It could be interpreted in several ways depending on which one of your needs Wall-Mart fulfills. Wall-Mart was founded by Sam Walton in 1962, and the company has been a value based company and ethically led company. There are three basic beliefs that surrounds the code of ethics of Wall-Mart, these beliefs are: 0 Respect for the individual Service to our customers 0 Striving for excellence These basic beliefs practiced by Wall-Mart are a strong and solid foundation that the company has laid to satisfy the needs of their customers and boost the morale of their employees. Below is a copy of Wall-Mart’s code of ethics.CEO January 1, 2005 Dear Associates: Our Company is committed to maintaining an environment in which our Associates are proud to work, our suppliers and other business partners know that they are being dealt with fairly, and our shareholders can invest with confidence.

In furtherance of these goals, we have updated our Company’s Statement of Ethics to take into account recent changes in laws and regulations. This revised Statement of Ethics applies to all of our Associates worldwide as well as the members of our Board of Directors. It is critical that you read this Statement of Ethics carefully.

As in the past, we ask that each of you make a special commitment to comply with the principles and policies set forth or referred to in this Statement of Ethics. Wall-Mart’s business was built upon a foundation of honesty, respect, fairness and integrity.We must each strive to preserve that foundation by bringing these values to our Job every day. To that end, we must all follow the Statement of Ethics. However, because this statement cannot possibly describe every practice or principle related to honest and ethical conduct, it is also our responsibility to apply common sense, together with a desire simply to do the right thing, in making business and personal decisions where no stated guideline exists. The Open Door allows each of us to be heard on any issue. Where ethics are concerned, our Company goes a step further.

You are expected to raise any questions or concerns guarding business ethics. We are all privileged to work for one of the most successful companies in the world.