Humor Speech

If anyone wants to run out for coffee, now would be the time. Update your Backbone status. Read over your speech before you have to come up here. Anything to put It off that minute longer.

Body: l. Advice: A. Don’t you dare go accuse the dog of eating your homework, or your printer for malfunctioning? We all know what really happened. You can basically smell it on a person, and you can see It In their eyes….

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.. We all do it at some point In our lives.

You’ve been procrastinating!B. I was warned by many teachers that procrastinating s the biggest pitfall of someone returning to school. “Don’t procrastinate or you are going to fail.

” C. You see, the dictionary will inform you that procrastination is putting off doing something until later. I like to think of procrastination as the incredibly amazing technique of gaining time to do the things you want. II. Career procrastinators: A. Only 1 In 5 people are chronic procrastinators – and these people have it down to an art form 1 .

Career procrastinators often have bad reputation, but they are often the most they use their strengths to retrieve and motivated people around. It’s just that benefit themselves. This isn’t a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Ill. Parents/Kids effect: A.

Imagine that you’re sitting down reading your favorite book. Parents/kids seem to have the worst timing when It comes to Interrupting a reading session. That’s when you pull out all the stops. -“Just a minute” ? “In a sec (second! ‘ ? “I’m coming” ? “I’ll be right there” B.Easy -l know exactly what to say to stall the moment without going overboard. IV. The task at hand: A. While non-procrastinators may sit down and type a

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